Our score: 6/10

Synopsis: Do not read if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

Possible triggers have been highlighted.


The scene begins with Johanna Constantine in the United Kingdom (possible trigger for people who hare hardcore fans as there is a gender swop – in the graphic novels Constantine is a man). She is looking into a club where the owner indulged in evil rituals for fun. The club owner mentions a demon possessing a Princess’s boyfriend (Kevin) (the swearing might also trigger some people). The demon wishes to wed the princess. Constantine wishes to put an end to the marriage and exorcize the demon. Dream attempts to stop her because he is looking for answers regarding his sand and helmet. He tries to ask the Demon where his helmet is, but Constantine exorcizes the demon before he can get an answer.

Ethel tries to persuade her son to return the ruby because she believes Dream is looking for her. It is revealed that John killed many people with the ruby, which is why he is in an asylum. Ethel hands over the necklace that has kept her alive for 116 years to her son. She begins to age in front of her son and eventually dies. Anyone who tries to harm the carrier is harmed by the necklace. He manages to flee. He is picked up by the Corinthian.

Dream has a new raven named Matthew. It is revealed that ravens were people who became ravens after death.

Constantine’s nightmares are invaded by Dream (he mentions that it is actually a memory turned to a nightmare). Dream claims that he can erase memories and nightmares. She informs him that she is aware of the location of his sand.

Constantine appears to be bisexual (possible trigger). She tells Dream that she lived with a woman for six months and forgot about the sand (she abandoned her due to being afraid of commitment). There is also some same-gender kissing (possible trigger) that is evoked by Dream’s spells. Dream reclaims his sand from Constantine’s ex-girlfriend. Rachel, the girlfriend, is dying because she used the sand to dream. Dream grants her a pleasant dream, and then she dies. He also removes Constantine’s nightmare.

He decides to go to hell to retrieve his helmet.