Our score: 7/10

Synopsis: Do not read if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

Possible triggers have been highlighted.

Returning to the dream realm, Dream enters the library and opens Rose Walker’s dream journal. We see a sister and brother who appear distressed because their mother can only take the daughter with but her brother must stay with the abusive father.

We see Despair and Desire who appear to be twins. They have plotted to harm Dream three times. Desire refers to a dream vortex (a woman) and the girl in the dream, Rose Walker, turns out to be it.

In 2021, Rose is looking for her brother. It seems that social workers took him away. She has a sudden benefactor who is paying her to go to London for seven days. Rose shows at an elderly care home and the client is an old lady – Unity Kinkaid- the child who slept and could not wake up, since Dream was captured. She tells Rose that she had a great life in her dreams, that she got married, had a child and only woke up 8 months ago. She then realised that this was just a dream – or was it? The dollhouse in the room was hers that her parents gave to her on her 12th birthday. She mentions that in her dreams, the mother of Rose was her baby in her dream and that Rose is her great-granddaughter. This now explains why Rose is the dream vortex. The fates appear at the house and speaks to Rose. They say we can only warm you sister, not protect you. They mention that the Corinthian and Morpheus pose a danger to her. Granny Kinkade tells Rose to find her brother. She mentions that she has more than enough money and will pay for everything. In the beginning, Rose speaks of an amulet that she dreamed of, and at a later stage, the Granny Kinkade gives her the amulet ring.

The scene then shows Rose back at Cape Kennedy in Florida. She meets Ken and Barbie (not kidding) and some other super weird tenants at the house. Matthew the raven arrives to watch Rose. According to the social worker, Rose has no legal claim to her brother. It seems the brother is now 12 and the fosters are friends of her dad.

As a big fan of John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), an awesome scene is where all the tenants go to the club. The owner of the house performs in drag at the club. Unity phones Rose and she goes outside, and then two asses hassle her. It seems Gilbert (Fiddler’s Green) comes to her rescue (although Rose kicks ass). He lives downstairs and seems very nice. It seems that Rose’s brother is missing – from the waking world and from the dreaming. The last nightmare Jet Walker had was of Gault. He is definitely exposed to child abuse again – the foster dad is like as abusive as his own dad. It seems that Gault severed him from the dream. Rose shows up in the dream realm.

Dream and the librarian are busy with a census. It seems that three major entities are gone – nightmare (Gault) who is a shape changer, the Corinthian (feeding on dreamers – he is a nightmare), Fiddler’s Green (will be revealed who he is at the end of the series).

 We see three characters who meet at a diner – to discuss some event. They mention that people would pay to see the Corinthian. It seems it is a group of serial killers and that they admire his work. They think of ways to attract him and finally suggest copycatting the Corinthian to get him to be the keynote speaker for a serial killers/collectors event. It seems that they have killed at least 3 people to copycat Corinthian. He finds them. They invite him as a guest of honour at the annual gathering of collectors – as keynote speaker. He accepts and says he wants to bring a guest that can bring the dreams to a whole new level – thus Rose.

It also seems that the Corinthians is looking for Rose. They hint at him getting it on with Rose’s house sitter (don’t show anything), except some kissing (might trigger some viewers). Corinthian asks the house sitter for Rose to call him.

In this episode there is also a lot of discussion about this dream vortex in the different realms. Dream confirms that the dream vortex is real and is a first for this era. He mentions that the endless are not to harm any mortal. If someone hurts her, dreams would be hurt. Matthew the raven says he will go to watch her. Dream says he doesn’t think it to be a good idea to leave the realm yet.