In a lot of popular K-dramas heroes and heroines often take the spotlight, but it’s the villains who make the stories truly captivating. We’re going to explore the top 10 really attractive K-drama villains, complete with their actors’ names, the characters they portrayed, the release date of their respective dramas and a brief overview of their roles. Just for fun we will also include their cutesy roles in comparison.

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Number 1: Ryu Shi-oh portrayed by Byeon Woo-seok (Strong Girl Nam-soon, 2023)

Actor Byeon Woo-seok has taken the internet by storm with his portrayal of Ryi Shi-oh in the 2023 drama “Strong Girl Nam-soon. In the series, Byeon Woo Seok plays the role of Ryu Shi-oh, the CEO of the distribution and sales company “Doogo.” While he has mesmerized viewers with his striking good looks, he has also masterfully exuded a truly villainous aura through his expressions and actions. His portrayal of a handsome yet wicked character has left an indelible mark on fans. Notably, viewers have found themselves drawn to the complexity of his character, especially when he interacts with Nam Soon.

Cutesy roles by Byeon Woo-seok: 

Dear. M  (2021) – Byeon Woo-seok portrayed the charming and sweet university student, Cha Min-ho, in this drama centered around a mysterious campus love story.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” (2019) – Byeon Woo-seok took on the role of Go Young-soo, a lovable, naive scholar who aspired to be a nobleman.

Record of Youth (2020) – In this drama, Byeon Woo-seok played Won Hae-hyo, a model and an aspiring actor who, while dealing with the competitive world of the entertainment industry, displayed moments of charm and vulnerability.


Number 2: The real Baek Hee-sung portrayed by Kim Ji-hoon (Flower of Evil, 2020) *** SPOILERS

In Flower of Evil Baek Hee Sung emerges as the true antagonist (serial killer) in this complex story. Kim Ji Hoon’s delivers an exceptional performance in this role. He embodied the character with such finesse that viewers found themselves both riveted and repelled by his portrayal. Kim Ji Hoon truly excelled in making us love to hate him.

Cutesy roles by Kim Ji-hoon: 

Love & Secret (2014) – Kim Ji-hoon played Lee Woo-young, a lovable and kind-hearted character in this romantic drama.

Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (2013) – Kim Ji-hoon portrayed Prince Dongpyung, who is a charming and charismatic figure in the historical romance drama.


Number 3: Gwi portrayed by Lee Soo-hyuk (The Scholar Who Walks the Night, 2015)

Gwi, a vampire played by Lee Soo-hyuk, is a central figure in this historical fantasy drama. His charismatic and sinister presence adds depth to the story as he clashes with the other supernatural beings. Lee Soo-hyuk’s portrayal of Gwi was marked by his brooding charisma and sinister charm, which added depth and intrigue to the series. Lee Soo-hyuk’s striking looks and commanding presence were perfectly suited for the role, making Gwi a memorable and charismatic villain in the world of K-dramas. His portrayal of Gwi left a lasting impression on viewers and contributed significantly to the overall appeal of “The Scholar Who Walks the Night.”

Cutesy roles by Lee Soo-hyuk:

Lucky Romance (2016) – In this romantic comedy series, Lee Soo-hyuk played Choi Gun-wook, a sweet and charming character who is the younger brother of the male lead. His role added humor and a touch of cuteness to the story.

High School King of Savvy (2014) – Lee Soo-hyuk portrayed the character of Yoo Jin-woo, a lovable and slightly quirky colleague at the workplace in this workplace and romantic comedy drama.


Number 4: Hwang Pil-kwang portrayed by Kang Ki-young (Uncanny Counter: Counter Strike, 2023)

Kang Ki-young brings life to the morally corrupt Hwang Pil-kwang in this supernatural series. Pil-kwang stands as a formidable adversary to the Counters, a group gifted with otherworldly powers committed to upholding justice. His wickedness extends further as a sinister predator capable of absorbing the unique abilities of the Counters.  As a demon leader, Pil-kwang has a wicked appetite for feeding on Counters and develops telekinesis, the same power as the So Mun, the most powerful counter. Kang Ki Young’s portrayal immediately captures attention, with his sleek, long hairstyle and impeccable business attire adding an extra layer of intrigue to the character.

Cutesy roles by Kang Ki-young

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018): Kang Ki-young played Park Yoo-shik, a loyal and humorous colleague. While his character is more on the comedic side, his interactions and camaraderie with the main characters contribute to the overall light-hearted atmosphere of the drama.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016): Kang Ki-young appeared as Kim Ki-bum, a close friend of the male lead. His character adds comic relief and showcases Kang Ki-young’s ability to infuse humor into his roles.


Number 5: Ok Taecyeon portraying Joon-Woo Jang (Vincenzo, 2021)

In the 2021 K-drama “Vincenzo,” Ok Taecyeon delivers a compelling performance as Joon-Woo Jang, a character who embodies cunning and ruthlessness in the legal realm. Taecyeon’s portrayal skillfully brings Jang’s calculated actions to life and his strong on-screen presence enhances the overall intensity of the gripping plot in “Vincenzo.” The intricacies of Joon-Woo Jang’s character, coupled with Taecyeon’s nuanced acting, contribute significantly to the series, creating a memorable and formidable antagonist that leaves a lasting impact on viewers.

Cutesy roles by Ok Taecyeon

Cinderella’s Sister (2010): In this melodrama, Ok Taecyeon played the character of Han Jung-woo. While the overall tone of the series is intense, his character has moments of charm and vulnerability that add a softer touch.

Let’s Fight Ghost (2016): Ok Taecyeon took on the role of Park Bong-pal, a character in this supernatural romantic comedy. His performance brought a blend of humor and warmth to the series.

Number 6: Gelli Choi portrayed by Kim Hieora (Uncanny Counter, 2023)

Kim Hieora takes on the role of Gelli Choi, a manipulative and cunning antagonist in the gripping Uncanny Counter series. With a mysterious background and an unyielding determination to achieve her objectives, her character becomes an indelible presence in the cast. Adding another layer to her villainous repertoire, Gelli Choi is an evil spirit with a sinister appetite for consuming the souls of Counters. Beyond her malicious nature, she possesses formidable powers, including super speed and the ability to access and erase other people’s memories, mirroring the capabilities of Do Ha-na. This multifaceted portrayal showcases Kim Hieora’s versatility in bringing depth and complexity to her characters.

Cutesy roles by Kim Hieora

Reply 1988 (2015): Kim Hieora played Sung Bo-ra, a character in the popular series “Reply 1988.” While the show is known for its nostalgic and heartwarming portrayal of friendships and families, Kim Hieora’s character contributes to the overall charm and humor of the drama.

Entertainer (2016): Kim Hieora took on the role of Park Yeo-chi, an enthusiastic and spirited character in this series. Her performance added a lively and entertaining element to the drama.


Number 7: Jung Sun-ho portrayed by Park Bo-gum (Hello Monster, 2015)

In the psychological thriller “Hello Monster,” Park Bo-gum masterfully steps into the role of a psychopathic serial killer, delivering a portrayal that is both charming and deeply disturbing. His performance captivates the audience, holding their attention throughout the series. This venture into a psychological thriller showcased the remarkable diversity of Park Bo-gum as an actor. Park Bo-gum embraced the challenge of portraying a character with an evil grin, a criminal mind, and wicked looks, successfully immersing the audience in the suspense of the series.

Cutesy roles by Park Bo-gum

Reply 1988 (2015): Park Bo-gum played the role of Choi Taek, a professional baduk player. His character’s innocence, warmth, and quirky charm endeared him to the audience, contributing to the overall charm of the drama.

Love in the Moonlight (2016): Park Bo-gum took on the role of Lee Yeong, a crown prince. His portrayal of the young prince in this historical romantic drama showcased a mix of playfulness and sincerity, earning him praise for his heartwarming performance.


Number 8: Seo Moon-jo portrayed by Lee Dong-wook (Strangers from Hell, 2019)

In the 2019 psychological thriller “Strangers from Hell,” Lee Dong-wook takes on the chilling role of Seo Moon-jo, leaving a lasting impression with his intense and mysterious portrayal. As the mysterious landlord in a seemingly ordinary apartment complex, Lee Dong-wook’s performance adds an extra layer of suspense to the series. Seo Moon-jo is a character masked in doubt, and Lee Dong-wook skillfully captures the essence of this mysterious figure. His brooding presence and subtle yet impactful expressions contribute to the eerie atmosphere of the drama. Lee Dong-wook’s portrayal of Seo Moon-jo showcases his versatility as an actor, proving his ability to command attention in roles that delve into the darker realms of storytelling.

Cutesy roles by Lee Dong-wook

My Girl (2005): In this classic romantic comedy, Lee Dong-wook played the lead role of Seol Gong-chan. His character undergoes a journey of love and self-discovery, showcasing a blend of charm and vulnerability.

Scent of a Woman (2011): Lee Dong-wook portrayed Kang Ji-wook, a warm-hearted and supportive character in this melodrama. His performance added depth to the emotional narrative of the series.


Number 9: Cheon So Jin portrayed by Kim So-Yeon (The Penthouse, 2020)

In the 2020 drama “The Penthouse,” Kim So-Yeon brings to life the character of Cheon So Jin with a outstanding interpretation. So-Yeon’s Cheon So Jin is not just an antagonist; she is a conniving and ruthless force within the glamorous yet cutthroat world of the series. Through her character, So-Yeon delivers a masterclass in portraying ruthless ambition and cunning strategies, injecting a potent dose of intensity into the already dramatic narrative. Cheon So Jin, under Kim So-Yeon’s skillful portrayal, becomes a captivating and unforgettable figure in the complex web of intrigue that defines “The Penthouse.”

Cutesy roles by Kim So-Yeon

Falling for Innocence (2015): Kim So-Yeon played the lead role of Kim Soon-jung in this romantic comedy. Her character undergoes a transformation, and the drama showcases her ability to handle both comedic and heartfelt moments.

Prosecutor Princess (2010): In this legal romantic comedy, Kim So-Yeon portrayed the character of Ma Hye-ri, a young prosecutor. The role allowed her to showcase a mix of charm, determination, and a more lighthearted side.


Number 10: Kim Bum portrayed by Lee Rang (The Legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox, 2020)

In the 2020 fantasy drama “The Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” Kim Bum takes on the role of Lee Rang, delivering a standout performance that adds depth to the story. His portrayal of Lee Rang, a character entangled in the mystical world of gumiho (nine-tailed foxes), goes beyond conventional expectations. Kim Bum’s portrayal captures the essence of Lee Rang’s complexities, showcasing a character torn between conflicting emotions and desires. Lee Rang, as depicted by Kim Bum, becomes a captivating figure in the series, offering viewers a unique blend of charisma, vulnerability, and an enigmatic allure that elevates the storytelling.

Cutesy roles by Kim Bum

Boys Over Flowers (2009): Kim Bum played So Yi-jung, one of the F4 members, in this iconic romantic drama. His character is a talented potter with a charming and playful personality, adding a lighter touch to the series.

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013): Kim Bum portrayed Park Jin-sung, a cheerful and friendly character in this melodrama. His role contributed to the warm and supportive atmosphere in the story.


These 10 hot K-drama villains have brought their A-game to their respective series, leaving a lasting impact on viewers worldwide. Their exceptional acting and character development have made these dramas even more captivating and unforgettable. Whether you love to hate them or are fascinated by their complexities, these villains have certainly added a new dimension to our favourite K-dramas!