Welcome to a world of classic horror quotes, where ‘You are all my children now’ emerges as a chilling gem from the one and only Freddy Krueger. Yet, the sequel to Nightmare on Elm Street didn’t quite match the original’s feverish anticipation, thanks to some penny-pinching studio decisions. While Nightmare on Elm Street 2 had the potential to soar like the Top Gun of Horror Movies, it stumbled in places.

The story of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 unfolds around Jesse Walsh and his family, who innocently moved into the same house where Nancy Thompson faced her nightmarish ordeal in the first instalment. Soon after settling in, Jesse is besieged by haunting nightmares featuring none other than the notorious Freddy Krueger. His neighbour and love interest, Lisa, embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the sinister truth about Freddy Krueger and the gruesome history of Springwood. As the nightmare’s malevolent grip tightens, Freddy seizes the opportunity to possess Jesse’s body and continue his deadly reign of terror.

Some have likened Nightmare on Elm Street 2 to the Top Gun of the horror genre, prompting contemplation about the movie’s subtle subtext. Interestingly, shortly after my initial viewing, an interview with the screenwriter confirmed that the subtext was indeed a deliberate choice.

Though Nightmare on Elm Street 2 may not be my personal favourite, it remains a noteworthy chapter in the world of horror, offering viewers a chance to explore its intriguing layers and, of course, relive the spine-tingling essence of Freddy Krueger’s ominous presence.”


In Nightmare on Elm Street 2, we find ourselves in the eerie aftermath of Freddy Krueger’s malevolent legacy. Jesse Walsh and his family take a bold step by moving into the infamous house that once belonged to Nancy Thompson from the first instalment. Little do they know that this move will plunge them into a nightmare of unspeakable horrors.

As Jesse settles into his new home, he becomes the unwilling host to a series of gruesome nightmares, each one haunted by the malevolent spectre of Freddy Krueger. The terror intensifies when his neighbour and love interest, Lisa, embarks on a chilling journey to uncover the sinister truth about Freddy Krueger and the dark history of Springwood, a town scarred by unsolved murders.

But the nightmare takes a terrifying turn when Freddy seizes the opportunity to possess Jesse’s body, using it as a vessel to perpetuate his bloodthirsty spree.

3, 4 better lock your door.


5 Fun facts about A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

(1) The mastermind behind the Nightmare series, Wes Craven, turned down the opportunity to work on this film, driven by his original vision of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) as a standalone, with a potential happy ending. He had reservations about Freddy’s manipulation leading to murders.

(2) Screenwriter David Chaskin had a clandestine agenda when crafting his screenplay, weaving in deliberate homo-erotic undertones. Interestingly, director Jack Sholder remained blissfully unaware of this intriguing subtext.

(3) Initially, New Line Cinema resisted giving Robert Englund a well-deserved pay raise, casting an extra as Freddy at the outset of production. However, after just two weeks of filming, Robert Shaye recognized his blunder and swiftly met Englund’s demands.

(4) Mark Patton, the film’s star and an openly-gay actor, humorously dubs himself the “first male scream-queen.” This title arises from various factors within the film, including its homoerotic subtext, his character’s portrayal, and his interpretation of the character as a closeted gay man.

(5) Among the cast and crew, the sequence where Freddy unleashes terror at the pool party stands out as the most bewildering. This scene was perceived as a departure from the rules established by Wes Craven in the first film, notably Freddy attacking while his victims were awake, challenging the established norms of the franchise.