Step into a captivating world of drama, romance and fantasy as we embark on a thrilling journey to explore the best Chinese dramas of 2023’s first half! From enchanting tales of werewolves and princesses in “The Princess and the Werewolf” to heart-warming stories of unexpected bonds in “Stay With Me,” this list promises an eclectic mix of emotions. Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing worlds of “Till the End of the Moon,” “Exclusive Fairytale,” “Hidden Love,” and “The Starry Love,” where love, ambition, and destiny intertwine to create unforgettable experiences on the screen. Get ready to be swept away by these captivating narratives that have left audiences across the globe mesmerized and yearning for more!

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(1) Till the end of the moon

Get ready for an enchanting journey through time and destiny in the captivating Chinese drama of 2023 – Till the End of the Moon!

In a world where demons hold sway over both cultivators and mortals, a daring mission is set to rewrite history. The cultivator elders are determined to thwart the resurrection of the dreaded Demon Lord. And who better to take on this epic quest than the immortal Li Susu, destined to travel 500 years back in time?

Assuming the guise of the mortal Ye Xi Wu, the daughter of General Ye, Li Susu plunges into an extraordinary adventure. She finds herself bound to Tantai Jin, the captive prince destined to become the malevolent Demon God, wreaking havoc across four continents and three realms. Li Susu knows she must stop him at any cost, for the future’s sake.

But as she delves deeper into Tantai Jin’s past and watches him rise to power, a tale of unexpected twists unfolds, leaving her torn between duty and love. “Till the End of the Moon” paints a world where demons rule, and darkness threatens to engulf everything. Unbeknownst to Ye Xiwu, her heart begins to entwine with Tantai Jin’s, adding complexity to her mission.

As fate takes its toll and secrets of time unfurl, will Li Susu’s determination waver? With love, sacrifice and the relentless pursuit of destiny, the drama unfolds as a tale of hope and courage.

Losing Li Susu leaves Tantai Jin heartbroken, and he embarks on an arduous 500-year search for her soul. Rescued by a cultivation sect, he finds a new purpose. Destiny leads him to the reborn Li Susu, igniting a love that defies time itself. Yet, Tantai Jin’s true nature threatens to plunge the three realms into peril once again. In the face of impending doom, he sets forth on a daring plan to save the world.

Join “Till the End of the Moon” as it weaves a spellbinding narrative of love, sacrifice and the unyielding struggle against darkness. Can they change the course of fate and prevent the end of the world? Dive into this mesmerizing drama that blends fantasy, romance, and adventure into an unforgettable tale of epic proportions.


(2) The princess and the werewolf

Step into the enchanted world of “The Princess and the Werewolf,” a Chinese drama that will sweep you off your feet! Meet Princess Qi Pa, who finds herself in a mind-bending twist of fate when she wakes up abducted into the fantastical Beast-Turning Tribe. But this ain’t your ordinary fairytale!

Hold your breath as Princess Qipa is reluctantly made the bride of the enigmatic Beast-Turning King, Kui Mu Lang. Despite her spirited attempts to escape, her life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious man, Li Xiong, enters the scene. Oh, but there’s a catch – Li Xiong only appears in the day, and Kui Mu Lang only prowls by night! That’s one way to keep things interesting.

But guess what? Our fearless Princess stumbles upon a jaw-dropping secret of the Beast-Turning Tribe. Little does she know that this revelation will lead her on an uproarious journey full of laughter, mischief and sweet surprises! As playful as she is, Princess Qi Pa gradually finds her way into the heart of the dominating Wolf King.

Are you ready for the love story of the century? Watch as beauty and the beast discover an extraordinary connection that transcends day and night. You’re in for a rollercoaster of emotions, with heart-warming moments and heart-wrenching dilemmas that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.

So, grab some popcorn, settle in and let “The Princess and the Werewolf” take you on a spellbinding adventure you won’t forget. Love, laughter, and a dash of magic await you in this epic drama! Get ready to howl with delight!


(3) Exclusive Fairytale

Step into the magical world of “Exclusive Fairytale,” a Chinese drama that weaves a delightful love story between two childhood sweethearts – the brainy and sensitive Ling Chao and the adorable but scatter-brained Xiao Tu.

From the very beginning, fate played its charming hand. Ling Chao, always aware of his mother’s preference for daughters, found a kindred spirit in Xiao Tu, their bubbly neighbour. Soon, they became inseparable, but amidst their playful competition, Ling Chao’s pursuit of perfection stemmed from a desire to win his mother’s approval. Despite being a genius with a remarkable IQ, he couldn’t help feeling overshadowed by Xiao Tu’s talents in his mother’s eyes. This upbringing shaped him into a sensitive, independent and remarkably mature young man, with only one person reigning supreme in his heart – the one and only Xiao Tu.

As they blossomed into adolescence, their love-hate relationship grew, brimming with both laughter and tears. Ling Chao’s heartwarming journey of self-discovery led him to a revelation – he had fallen head over heels for Xiao Tu. Yet, his feelings remained unspoken, locked away.

The enchanting narrative unfolds as these two adorable souls navigate the challenges of youth, finding solace and support in their loving parents and caring friends. As their bond deepens and matures, they discover that love has taken root between them. With the stars aligned and hearts entwined, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu finally embrace their sweet love story, culminating in a heart-warming tale that will capture your heart and leave you with a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Join us in this captivating drama where love, friendship and growth intertwine to create an “Exclusive Fairytale” you won’t want to miss!

(4) Hidden Love

Hidden Love (TV Series 2023) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

In the enchanting world of “Hidden Love,” a 2023 Chinese drama, meet Sang Zhi, a spunky and lovable young woman who harbours a secret crush on Duan Jia Xu, her brother’s gaming buddy. Sparks fly as fate reunites them after years of lost contact. But there’s a twist – Duan Jia Xu is five years older than her!

As Sang Zhi embarks on her journey through university in the same city as Duan Jia Xu, their lives intertwine in the most unexpected ways. Prepare to be enchanted by their day-to-day antics and heart-warming connection as love blossoms under the radar in “Hidden Love”. This captivating youth romance drama is adapted from the novel of the same name, delivering a delightful concoction of love, friendship and personal growth.

This drama strikes a perfect balance between tender romance, heart-warming family moments and the complexities of youth. With its engaging storyline and stellar performances, “Hidden Love” leaves a lasting impact on its audience. You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing and swooning as you follow Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu’s captivating love journey.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of “Hidden Love” and experience a fresh and delightful take on youth romance. Get ready to be hooked from the first episode as you join the characters on their thrilling rollercoaster of emotions. Don’t miss out on this enchanting drama that will leave you wanting more!

(5) The Starry Love

In a realm where love and destiny intertwine, behold the captivating tale of “Starry Love”!

Once upon a time, in the majestic human tribe, a queen gave birth to twin girls destined for greatness. The elder sister, Qing Kui, adorned with gentleness and kindness, was the jewel of the tribe and set to marry the celestial prince himself! Meanwhile, the younger sister, Ye Tan, possessed wit and cunning, yet sadly found herself rejected by her own people and betrothed to the mysterious demon prince.

But hold on tight! Fate had a mischievous twist in store for the sisters. A curious mix-up occurred, and lo and behold, they were married off to the wrong husbands! Prepare for a whirlwind of laughter, romance and adventures like never before.

In the mortal realm, the radiant elder sister found herself in the arms of the Immortal tribe as their beloved Heavenly Consort. Sparks flew as she and the celestial prince discovered an unexpected love blossoming between them.

Meanwhile, the sharp and quick-witted younger sister was thrust into the embrace of the Demon tribe, becoming their alluring Demon Consort. Little did she know that amidst the darkness, a glimmer of affection would ignite between her and the enigmatic demon prince.

As fate’s threads entwine, the once harmonious four realms find themselves caught in a web of conspiracy. Secrets and schemes are unveiled, shaking the very foundation of their existence.

Prepare to be enchanted by this tale of twin sisters with contrasting personalities, destined for a love story like no other. With laughter, passion and intrigue, “Starry Love” will paint the skies with the brilliance of romance and the thrill of adventure. So buckle up and let your heart soar with this unforgettable journey through the stars!

(6) Stay With Me

Step into a world of unexpected connections and teenage drama in “Stay With Me,” a 2023 Chinese series that will leave you hooked! Meet Su Yu (played by the charming Zhang Jiong Min), a high school student leading a simple life with his father. But when his mother marries a wealthy man, Su Yu’s life takes a thrilling twist! Enter his step-brother Wu Bi (portrayed by the talented Xu Bin), a rebel with a cause and a frosty demeanor.

From the get-go, sparks fly as Su Yu and Wu Bi clash like fire and ice. Su Yu’s laid-back approach to schoolwork rubs off on Wu Bi, causing academic mayhem. But just when you think they’ll never get along, fate throws them a curveball – an accident that brings them closer together. As their friendship blossoms, they find themselves entangled in a web of challenges.

Love interests and family troubles add spice to the mix, testing their bond to the limit. Will their friendship endure the storm or crumble under the weight of emotions, family secrets and societal pressures?

“Stay With Me” is a heartwarming and engaging drama, full of humor, passion and life lessons. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as Su Yu and Wu Bi navigate the turbulent waters of friendship, love and personal growth. This 2023 Chinese series, skilfully penned by the talented Chai Ji Dan, will keep you glued to your screens until the very last episode!

So buckle up and join Su Yu and Wu Bi on their journey of self-discovery and unexpected kinship. Get ready to laugh, cry, and cheer for this endearing duo as they find their way through the ups and downs of life in “Stay With Me”!