Hello and welcome to NerdiPop’s Trailer Analytics where we dissect and analyse what happens in trailers of upcoming games and movies. On the menu for today is Fallout 4.

With the first trailer release for Fallout 4, we found some fun things that are hidden in the trailer.

The trailer opens up just like the original teaser for Fallout 3 started – with a close-up of the radiation King TV with the ink spots playing in the background. The song that plays is called It’s all over but the crying.

Fallout 4 - Please Stand by

As the camera pulls away, we see the remains of a house that survived the nuclear apocalypse. There is also a board game on the table called Blast Radius. With this being Fallout, it makes sense there would be a game called Blast Radius of a group of kids sitting around a mushroom cloud.

Fallout 4 - Blast radius

There is also a pamphlet on the table, with what looks like a Mr Handy on the cover. I’m thinking this is probably a leaflet showing off the new Mr Handy line of robots from Robco.

We then see the dog that could be this game’s version of Dogmeat, walking into the house, which then cuts to the pre-war version showing a Mr Handy bringing sugar bombs to the breakfast table.

Fallout 4 - Mr Handy

An interesting thing to note in the trailer is the plastic dog bowl. You rarely see plastic in the world of Fallout as most of the items in the world are made of metal.

As the dog walks down the corridor, we see a box in which the original Mr Handy came in. The label on the box says: “The incredible multi-talented Mr Handy”.

We then get to see a little slice of pre-war America as the people are fleeing towards the vault, with what appears to be a tank in the background or an armored vehicle of sorts.

With the look of things, only a handful were allowed residency into the vaults. We also see the T-51b power armor. This is the power armor that was used in the pre-nuclear holocaust.

Finally, we get a first glimpse of the vault door of Vault 111. The type of experiment that was done in this vault is unknown. For those who are new to the Fallout series, the vaults protect humans from nuclear Fallout, but Vault-Tec had other ideas and instead used the vaults as a testing facility, ranging from Vault 77 which had one man with a crate full of puppets to Vault 108 which was a cloning lab. All the clones were made of a man called Gary.

Fallout 4 - Vault 111

It is quite interesting to note that the following is written on the vault: “Vault-tec societal preservation program” “Purge valve” “Danger!” “Tampering may lead to loss of life” and “Warning: Pressurised stand 10 meters back”. The rest I can’t make out.

An interesting thing about Vault 111 is that it opens up in an elevator form, unlike the rest of the vaults which opens up buried into a mountain.

We then see some landmarks from Boston where the game is supposed to be set in. This includes the USS Constitution, which has been fitted with engines. It makes me wonder if they were attempting to create it into an airship of sorts, as there is an armored airship later in the trailer.

Fallout 4 - (23)

We then see Scollay Square, a place called Memory Den, which might be a bar. With “The Institute” in the area, it might be a bar for cyborgs or androids, something we know “The Institute” has been experimenting with in Fallout 3. The right hand of the man with the trench coat looks strange – most likely a robotic replacement.

Fallout 4 - Scollay Square

Pack Brahmin makes a return as well, with a building that looks like a radio tower.

We then see what looks like two super mutants walking, but the one seems to be armored up. Makes me wonder if they are wearing super mutant power armor, which was in Fallout 2 with Marcus the super mutant having his own power armor.

Fallout 4 - Securitron

The securitron is also done differently. These look sleeker – which would make sense with “The Institute” building robots. Perhaps they improved the securitron with a newer model?

The giant submarine is something I do not know about. For some reason, the design from what we can see, reminds me almost of some form of u-boat – probably a remnant from the nuclear apocalypse..

Everyone’s favourite monstrous creature makes a return – the Death Claws – and boy oh boy they look seriously angry in this version of Fallout.

Fallout 4 - Death Claws

The new Vertibirds look interesting, probably something from “The Institute”?

The Feral Ghouls make a return as well and they look pretty scary. I just love the way they rush towards the camera. I can imagine playing in first-person mode. It might be quite intense.

We also see what could be the outside of the city where some buildings in the game probably could be. It appears to be built inside of a large stadium. I know almost nothing of Boston but that might be Fenway Park.

Inside the first area we see a store known as Swatters or Swatters Custom Baseball Bat Store. Now, whether this is just a regular store or a faction, it is unknown.

There is a poster on the wall which reads: “Enlist”! On top of it and slightly blurred is: “Your Country Needs you”! Whether this is pre-war or if it’s part of the enclave, is unknown.

Fallout 4

We then see some stores inside of the city, ranging from Swatters, Diamond City Surplus, Power Noodles to Chem-I-CARL, which I suspect is a pharmacy, as it has a big pill sign on the side.

Then something which hasn’t really been seen in Fallout – a giant armored airship. Who this belongs to is unknown, but most likely “The Institute” is in charge of it. We also see the statue of Paul Revere in the front.

The opening of the vault is seen near the end of the trailer with the dog walking towards the opening. This is probably where you meet your dog and companion in the game.

We have one last look at the exterior of the vault before the bombs fall, showing a soldier in what is probably riot gear and one in power armor. We are then treated to seeing the nuke land showing some of the horror of nuclear warfare.

Fallout 4 - Garage

The trailer then ends with the dog walking along what appears to be a garage. In the garage there is a suit of power armor and from the look of things it’s being repaired and re-assembled.

One interesting thing to note is that there is a laser rifle on the wall but around the rifle is a collection of parts. Maybe in Fallout 4 we might be able to upgrade our guns again such as in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout 4 - (48)

The trailer ends with the vault dweller and his dog walking off saying to his dog, “Let’s go Pal”, before showing the logo for Fallout 4.

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