Here are the The NerdiPop 2023 Geek-a-lutions!

Our motto: Have fun in 2023!

(1) Make a list of games you want to play in 2023 with tick boxes. Make sure you have 3-month achievements that you have to get to.

(2) 2023 have some awesome movies coming out. Don’t miss out. This is going to be an awesome year for Geeks!

(3) Have you always dreamed to do Cosplay at various conventions? Don’t delay, plan you costume and just do it!

(4) Make sure you are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.

(5) Find out if you have a mutant gene!

(6) Learn a new craft.

(7) Colour your hair a way-out colour that you always wanted to have.

(8) Record a song.

(9) Take an acting class.

(10) If you’re into theater and live performances, make a plan and go see live shows. Plan for it and go see it.

(11) Read more books. Make an effort and read at least one book per month.

(12) If there are places you always wanted to visit, plan for it, and make your dreams come true.

(13) All of us want certain figurines / collections, but never have the money. Start saving today – put a little money away so that you have the money when you want to buy the items you want.

Have fun in 2023!