Star Wars Day is an annual celebration held on 4 May, which is a play on the famous Star Wars catchphrase, “May the Force be with you”. Fans of the franchise around the world celebrate this day by re-watching the movies, dressing up as their favorite characters, and attending Star Wars-themed events. The first official Star Wars Day celebration took place in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, but since then, it has become a global phenomenon. There are actually 11 movies in the Star Wars franchise, including the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the sequel trilogy, and two standalone films. Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure” (1984) and “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor” (1985) are both Star Wars movies that feature the Ewoks, the teddy bear-like creatures from “Return of the Jedi”. However, they are not considered part of the main Star Wars saga and are generally regarded as spin-off films or TV movies rather than standalone films.

Here are the trailers of the 9 main Star Wars films.