Embark on a captivating journey with the celebrated Japanese story, “My Happy Marriage.” Born from the creative genius of Akumi Agitogi, a masterful storyteller and brought to life through the enchanting illustrations of Tsukiho Tsukioka. What began as a mesmerizing light novel series in Japan has blossomed into an engrossing journey, weaving its way through the pages of manga, lighting up screens as an immersive anime on Netflix, and even stepping into reality through a spellbinding live-action movie.

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Meet Miyo, a resilient young woman who weathers the storm of emotional mayhem inflicted by an unlikely source—her very own family, complete with a dramatic cast of characters: the stern father, the wicked stepmother, and the stepsister straight out of a storybook.

As fate unfolds, she finds herself at the center of an arranged marriage, bound to Kiyoka Kudo, a commanding figure leading a military unit specializing in supernatural affairs. Despite rumours painting him as a harsh and cruel man, the truth reveals a different facet of his character, shattering preconceptions and initiating a transformative path for both Miyo and Kiyoka.


The characters

Miyo Saimori

At the heart of the story lies Miyo Saimori, the series’ resolute and resilient protagonist. Born into the Usuba clan, a family renowned for their supernatural talents, Miyo stands as an exception, lacking such abilities. Enduring a traumatic upbringing under her abusive stepmother, she finds herself betrothed to Kiyoka Kudou. Miyo’s journey is one of self-discovery, transforming her perceived weaknesses into strengths and ultimately discovering her capacity for genuine love and happiness.

Kiyoka Kudou

Kiyoka Kudou, the mysterious 27-year-old commander of the Kudou family, is known for his reputation as a “ruthless soldier.” His previous fiancées fled within three days, giving rise to his icy façade. Yet, beneath the surface lies a complexity that defies expectations. Kiyoka’s journey unravels layers of his character, revealing a pyrokinetic soul whose heart warms to the presence of Miyo, becoming the unexpected key to his transformation.

Supporting Characters

Kaya Saimori, Miyo’s spoiled half-sister, wields supernatural gifts and has her own tangled desires.

Kouji Tatsuishi, the kind-hearted yet timid friend of Miyo, navigates his role as Kaya’s fiancé and a pivotal ally to Miyo.

Yurie, Kiyoka’s dedicated elderly servant, brings wisdom and insight into his life.

Yoshito Godō, a soldier under Kiyoka’s command, adds an element of camaraderie and loyalty.

Arata Tsuruki, Miyo’s cousin and a negotiator at Tsuruki Trading Company, bridges familial connections and alliances.

Kazushi Tatsuishi, Kouji’s elder brother, carries the weight of family responsibilities.

Takaihito, the second prince of the Imperial family, intertwines politics and intrigue.

Kanoko Saimori, Miyo’s stepmother, embodies antagonism and cruelty.

Shinichi Saimori, Miyo’s father, grapples with favoritism and family dynamics.

Sumi Saimori, Miyo’s late mother, lingers as a specter from the past.

Minoru Tatsuishi, Kazushi and Kouji’s father, bears the consequences of his actions.

Hana Kanao, Miyo’s former caretaker, imparts a history of servitude and love.


Live-action Movie

“My Happy Marriage” gracefully leaps onto the cinema screen through an exquisite live-action film adaptation. This exciting project, announced on 25 April 2022, is directed by the visionary director Ayuko Tsukahara. With a masterful touch, the film seamlessly translates the intricate emotional journeys of the characters into a captivating visual experience. On 17 March 2023, the film premiered in Japan, weaving its spell on audiences while beautifully encapsulating the core of the story’s themes and characters.

And don’t miss the magic of the film’s soundtrack featuring the soulful notes of “Tapestry,” performed by none other than the sensational idol group Snow Man. The cast itself shines as brilliantly as the narrative: Mio Imada embodies the spirited Miyo Saimor and Ren Meguro graces the screen as the enigmatic Kiyoka.While you might have missed its cinema run in March 2023, don’t worry! The buzz is on for its arrival on streaming platforms. Netflix, known for embracing anime live-action adaptations, might just be the place to catch this gem. For those who couldn’t experience its magic in theatres, there’s good news: “My Happy Marriage” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting 27 September 2023. Get ready to own a piece of the magic!

The live-action film burst onto the scene, taking the coveted #1 spot at the Japanese box office right from its opening weekend. Talk about a grand entrance! It managed to rake in an impressive ¥654 million through 479,700 admissions.



The beloved tale of “My Happy Marriage” enters a vibrant new chapter through its captivating anime adaptation. Kinema Citrus takes the helm as the production house, with the skilled hands of director Takehiro Kubota guiding the way. This animated series breathes life into the characters’ interactions and emotions, weaving a dynamic tapestry where voice acting and musical compositions enhance every facet of the storytelling. On 5 July 2023, the anime premiered, inviting audiences to dive headfirst into the immersive world of “My Happy Marriage.”
The series made its dazzling debut in Japan, gracing screens via Tokyo MX and other networks. The excitement was matched by Netflix, which simulcasted the series on the same day. Feel the pulse of the opening theme, “Anata no Soba ni” (“By Your Side”), sung by Riria, and be carried away by the wistful notes of the ending theme, “Vita Philosophica”, performed by Kashitarō Itō. And as a special treat, an original video animation awaits bundled with the eighth light novel volume’s special edition, set for release on 15 March 2024.


Season 2

Exciting news for fans of My Happy Marriage! Following the conclusion of the series’ 12th episode in Japan, an eagerly awaited second season of the anime has been officially confirmed.


Light Novels

The journey of “My Happy Marriage” began as an online novel on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, a user-generated novel publishing platform. Fujimi Shobo recognised its potential and brought the story to life in the form of ***light novels, illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. The first volume was published on 15 January 2019, under the Fujimi L Bunko imprint. The series boasts seven volumes to date, with more anticipated in the future. The eloquent prose and intricate storytelling within these novels unravel the intricate emotions and intricate relationships of the characters.

*** A light novel is a style of fictional literature that originated in Japan. It’s characterized by its relatively short length, simple writing style, and the inclusion of manga-style illustrations. Light novels often target young adult and teenage readers, although they can be enjoyed by readers of various age groups.



Rito Kohsaka’s artistic prowess brings the characters and their emotions to life in the manga adaptation of “My Happy Marriage.” Serialized on Square Enix’s Gangan Online service from 20 December 2018, the manga captures the subtle nuances of the characters’ expressions, making their journey even more relatable to readers. As of November 2022, four ***tankōbon volumes have been released, with Square Enix Manga & Books providing an English release for readers to delve into the visual storytelling.

Back in 2020, the manga adaptation nailed the eighth spot in the sixth Next Manga Awards’ web manga category. It went on to claim sixth place in Takarajimasha’s esteemed “Kono Manga ga Sugoi!” list for female readers in 2021. As if that wasn’t enough, the manga proudly clinched the top spot in the “Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics of 2021” list by the esteemed Japanese bookstore Honya Club. 2022 brought more acclaim, with a nomination for the best shōjo manga at the 46th Kodansha Manga Award. Talk about a star! It even secured the 29th spot on Da Vinci magazine’s prestigious 2022 “Book of the Year” list.

***”Tankōbon” is a term used in the manga and publishing industry in Japan to refer to a type of book that collects previously serialized chapters of a manga series into a single volume. In essence, a tankōbon is a compiled volume of manga. The term “tankōbon” is often abbreviated as “tanko.”


Stage play

An exciting new chapter unfolds as the stage play adaptation titled “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon: Teito Rikugun Okutsuki Kitan” takes the spotlight. The announcement buzzed to life on 9 June 2023. This stage play brings an original story to the forefront, with the talented Kaori Miura donning the hats of director and writer, and Taka lending their musical magic. And guess what? Akumi Agitogi, the creative force behind the original tale, is also onboard, fueling the production’s fire. The curtains are rising at Tokyo’s Theater 1010 from 11 to 20 August 2023.


This story’s journey continues to shine brightly, capturing hearts across various creative forms.