As avid Whovians, and Season 8’s finale that was broadcast last week, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole section of this website, to the BBC TV Show – Doctor Who.

So what is Doctor Who you might ask?

Doctor Who is a BBC sci-fi show dedicated to the adventures of Doctor Who. The Doctor, as he is affectionately known (although not his real name), is a time traveler from the planet Gallifrey.

His race, called The Time Lords, have two hearts, are incredibly intelligent and have the power to regenerate their bodies into a new body should they get fatally injured. They also have time-travelling ships called a TARDIS – Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

The Doctor is the only surviving Time Lord and travels the universe with various companions, meeting and helping a variety of people and aliens.


What makes this show so incredible is that it has been on air for the last 50 years. The old series, which sees the adventures of the 1st to the 7th Doctor, has 694 episodes. In-between the old and the new series there was an American TV movie based on Doctor Who with the 8th Doctor. The new series with the 9th to 12th Doctors have 105 episodes. There are also four charity specials and two animated serials that have been aired. Thus if you are in the mood to get hooked on a new show, Doctor Who is the answer!

An interesting fact is that Doctor Who holds the world record for the highest number of episodes in a science fiction programme! Followers of the Doctor Who franchise call themselves Whovians and most of the Whovians have one Doctor who stands out and who is their favorite.

There have been amazing writers, amazing stories and 12 amazing Doctors. On various articles, we will be discussing the 12 Doctors, their companions and will also be talking about our favorite episodes.


We hope you will enjoy our dedication to Doctor Who!