As Mother’s Day approaches, NerdiPop is gearing up to celebrate the incredible mothers who have graced our screens with their love, strength, and resilience. Join us as we reveal our top picks for mothers in movies, TV shows, and animations. From iconic matriarchs to unforgettable maternal figures, we’ll be highlighting the characters who have inspired and touched our hearts with their unforgettable portrayals of motherhood. Stay tuned as we pay tribute to these extraordinary women and their enduring impact on popular culture.


Sarah Connor (Terminator franchise)

How De-Aging Tech Worked in 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Opening

Child: John Connor.

Sarah Connor is a fictional character that appears in the Terminator franchise as the main protagonist. She featured in The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Terminator Genisys (2015), and Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), as well as the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008–2009). From a timid damsel in distress victim in the first film to a wanted fugitive committing acts of terrorism, a hardened warrior and mother who sacrificed everything for her son’s future and is on the verge of losing touch with her own humanity, and a mentor preparing and protecting a protégée for her destiny, the character evolves.


Mrs. Gump (Forest Gump)

Mrs. Gump - Forrest Gump -Cinema Studies

Child: Forrest Alexander Gump

Mrs. Gump is a wonderful person who is compassionate, unselfish, wise and loving. She genuinely cares about her son. With a twisted spine and powerful legs, Forrest was born. He was forced to wear leg braces, which made it nearly impossible for him to walk or run. Polio was most likely to blame. His mother persuaded the principal to rethink by allowing him to sleep with her. He also had a low I.Q. of 75, which nearly prevented him from enrolling in public school. Despite his physical and mental limitations, Forrest’s mother warned him not to let anyone tell him he was different, telling him that “stupid is as stupid does.” Throughout the film, she expresses her pride in Forrest’s successes.


Peg Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)

Edward Scissorhands' home on the market in Florida

Children: Kim and Kevin Boggs

Peg Boggs is one of the characters in the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands.

Peg is an Avon lady who pays a visit to Edward’s run-down Gothic mansion. She eventually discovers Edward alone and offers to take him to her house after learning that he is practically harmless. She gave him some of her husband’s old clothes. Edward is introduced to Peg’s family, which includes her husband Bill, their young son Kevin, and their adolescent daughter Kim. Peg is depicted as a compassionate, loving mother throughout the film, who also tries to assist Edward in adjusting to his new life in suburbia.


Molly Weasley (Harry Potter franchise)

Molly Weasley: The Strength of a Mother's Love in the Wizarding World | by  Happyyipo | Medium

Children: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny Weasley

Molly Weasley was an English pure-blood witch who married Arthur Weasley and became the matriarch of the Weasley family. She was born into the Prewett family and was the sister of members of the founding Order of the Phoenix, Fabian and Gideon Prewett. Molly is intensely protective of her children, but she has a lot on her plate; the Weasleys are almost all risk-takers who are willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe in (well, perhaps the twins do it from pure joy too).


Mabel “Madea” Earlene Simmons (Tyler Perry Madea franchise)

Madea Prequel TV Series 'Mabel' In Development At Showtime With Tyler Perry

Children: Michelle, William, Cora Jean and Nikki Grady-Simmons

Madea was born into poverty and grew up with her parents and siblings in a shotgun house. Madea has mentioned that her family had love even though they didn’t have much. Her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when she was in her early teens, and they lived on the west side. She was a cheerleader at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta. Where and when she met her first spouse, Johnny, is unknown. Madea and Johnny had their first child, Michelle, when they were in their early twenties. Madea then became pregnant with her other daughter, Cora, when she was 18 years old. Cora is the consequence of a one-night affair Madea had with an unknown man, hence Johnny is not the father of Cora. After that, Madea and Johnny had a son named William. After that, all of her children married and had children. Following their daughter’s death due to her drug addiction, Madea and Johnny were left to raise two of their grandkids, Maylee and Vianne. Madea is a force to be reckoned with because of her unusual, but effective advice to her children, grandchildren and relatives.