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In the whimsical Christmas comedy “Noelle” (2019), Kris Kringle’s daughter, Noelle, finds herself on a hilarious and heartwarming adventure when her brother Nick, the heir to Santa’s role, goes missing just days before Christmas. With the help of her newfound friend, a private investigator, Noelle embarks on a journey to bring her brother back and save the spirit of Christmas. Along the way, she discovers the true meaning of the holiday season and her own extraordinary capabilities.

5 Fun Facts about “Noelle” (2019):

(1) Originally titled “Nicole,” the movie underwent a Christmas-themed name change to become the heartwarming “Noelle.”

(2) The melody Noelle sings to summon her flying reindeer is the same riff she used in “Into the Woods” (2014) as Cinderella when she called upon her bird friends.

(3) In a delightful twist, “Noelle” was adapted from an unused idea for “The Santa Clause 4.” A nod to this origin appears in a mental hospital scene where other patients believe they are the Tooth Fairy and Mother Nature.

(4) Noelle cleverly disguises her reindeer as a dog, playfully named Rover—a callback to the same disguise and name used in “The Year Without a Santa Claus” (1974) by elves to conceal Vixen.

(5) During the selection of a new Santa, Polly hints at a non-gendered role. In the end, the elder elves discover the charter supports this, paving the way for Noelle to take on the mantle of Santa.