“There is one thing we must remember in our lifetime. We weren’t born into this world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy and we wish everyone happiness!”.

South Korea’s Studio Dragon outdid themselves once more with an outstanding television drama. Our Blues is an engrossing, thought-provoking emotional drama about the lives of various people on Jeju Island.

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The story is told in an omnibus format, with two episodes at a time, telling the stories of the different characters. We discover people’s secrets, heartbreak and simply being real people with real problems.

Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min A, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Hye Ja and Go Doo Sim star in Our Blues.

The music to the series Our Blues is especially noteworthy since it features the moving song “With You,” which was written and performed by Ha Sung-Woon and BTS member, Jimin. Listen to this amazing song at the bottom of this article.


Without giving too much away, here are some of the main characters’ key stories. Please be aware that this may contain spoilers.





Choi Han-Su and Eun-hee

Choi Han-Su is a married man who returns to his hometown of Jeju after “making it big in the city.” We quickly discover that he is deeply in debt and owes money to numerous people.

Eun-hee is a community leader, and her business acumen has enabled her to provide for her younger siblings. She is considered to be very wealthy.

Choi Han-Su family is stranded in another country, and he has run out of money to support them. The story of Choi Han-Su and Eun-hee poses ethical questions about how far you would go to support your family and the power of blind love.



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Jung-hyun, Yeong-joo, Ho-sik and In-kwon

Ho-sik, a widower who lives with his daughter Yeong-joo, and In-kwon, a former gangster turned food stall owner who is raising his son Jung-hyun, are two of Eun-childhood hee’s friends. The fathers were previously great friends, but for reasons that gradually become apparent, they no longer get along. Neither of them are pleased to learn that Yeong-joo, the class’s top student, is expecting a child with her classmate Jung-hyun. Despite pressure from the men to end the pregnancy, the teenagers remain unwavering. In some brutal sequences, In-kwon beats his son for defying him. In the end, Ho-sik and In-kwon must make a difficult decision to allow their children the freedom to live their own lives.




Min Sun-A and Lee Dong-Seok

Lee Dong-Seok is a Jeju Island resident who enjoys a modest existence. In Jeju, he meets Min Sun-A, a recent arrival. Nobody knows where Sun-A comes from or why she chose to settle on the island. The narrative of Sun-A reveals her battle with depression, her losing her husband and custody of her son and eventual suicide attempt. It also shows how she is recovering and how Lee Dong-Seok helps her see the positive side of life.




Chun-Hui and little Eun-gi

A heart-warming subplot in the drama is around a pre-schooler from Seoul who is sent to Jeju to live with her grandmother while her father is in the hospital. The grandma initially has no idea that her son is in the hospital. She learns through her daughter-in-law that her son is employed in a remote location and that her daughter-in-law has been promoted to manager in Seoul. After some time, the grandma finds out that her son is actually in the hospital. The young daughter, Eun-gi, has finally told the truth, but she still has complete faith that her father would recover fully. The little girl prays for life while her mother and grandmother prepare for her father’s passing.




Park Jeong-ju & Young-hee & Lee Young-ok

There’s also the story of Lee Young-ok, a haenyeo (female diver) who moved to Jeju a year before the current setting of the series. She meets Park Jeong-jun, a kind-hearted fishing boat captain looking for a woman to settle permanently with in Jeju.

Young-ok, who has a Down syndrome twin, is unable to discuss her private life with anyone due to a lack of social acceptance. Young-ok eventually places Young-he (played by artist Jung Eun-hye) in a care facility. She is relieved that she no longer has to look after her sister, but she also feels guilty because Young-hee has repeatedly expressed a desire to live with her.




Dong-seok and Ok-dong

The intricate plot involves the strained connection between Dong-seok and his estranged mother Ok-dong, a widowed haenyeo whose daughter died while freediving. This conflict is indicated at right from the start of the series. The villagers, who show Ok-dong kindness and affection, are perplexed as to why Dong-seok has nothing to do with her. The issue is with him. he is disrespectful. She deserves an apology from him. But as their past is disclosed, it reveals a history of destitution and child abuse.


Listen to the gorgeous song, “With You”: