On 12 March 2015 (yesterday) we lost one of the true originals in the world of fantasy novels – Sir Terry Pratchett at age 66. He passed away in his home with his cat sleeping on his bed whilst being surrounded by his family. With over 70 books to his name and best known for creating The Discworld, a series of fantasy comedy novels that have captured the hearts of many, this is a true loss. From fan favourites such as Nobby Nobbs, Death, Rincewind, Minstrum Ridcully and Sam Vimes, his stories always felt more alive than those of the more serious fantasy genre.

In typical Pratchett style, the announcement of his passing was done in a way I think Terry would have written himself:


Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

And so to you Sir Terry Pratchett, where you now walk the moonless dark desert, we salute you, from all of us at NerdiPop, but especially me (PCB1981) thank you for all the wonderful stories you gifted us.

Rest in peace Sir Terry Pratchett.

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