The new new K-drama, See you in my 19th life, is one not to be missed. Based on the webtoon with the same name, the story follows a girl who can remember all her past lives. When humans pass away, they undergo the process of rebirth, thus completing the cycle of life.

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However, Ji-eum Ban possesses a unique ability: a few years after her reincarnation, she recovers memories from her past lives. During her 18th life, she was born as Ju-won Yun, the daughter of a wealthy Korean family. Growing somewhat weary of existence, she made the decision to lead a peaceful and comfortable existence.

At the age of 12, Ju-won encountered Seo-ha Mun, a 9-year-old boy who lived in solitude with his ailing mother. A deep bond formed between Ju-won and Seo-ha, and as time went by, they fell in love. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on Seo-ha’s 10th birthday when they were involved in a car accident on their way to a theme park. Ju-won lost her life in the accident, but before departing, she expressed her desire to remember Seo-ha in her subsequent life.

Shortly after, Ji-eum Ban, a destitute girl from a dysfunctional family, was born. Once she regained her memories, Ji-eum utilized her skills and abilities to secure a position within Seo-ha’s family’s business, patiently awaiting the chance to reunite with Seo-ha once more.

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