The opening shot of the second trailer is pure genius, it shows the remains of the war – from the crashed X-wing in the front, to the massive remains of the Star Destroyer in the back. This shows us that the days of the Empire is done and  that it has been years since the last galactic war.

Star Wars Episode 7 Wallpaper

We then hear Luke saying: “The Force is strong in my family”. It continues through the trailer like this: “The Force is strong in my family, My Father has it,  I have it, my sister has it, you have that power too.” From the dialogue we know he is talking to someone about their journey on using the Force. It has been spoiled due to certain pictures from Star War Celebration who he might be talking to, but this is a spoiler free post so we will keep silent for now.

The second shot shows the remains of Darth Vader’s helmet – most likely from what remained after his body was cremated on Yavin-4.  I am guessing that it is the Sith lord in the trailer who found the helmet of the fallen Sith Lord – it is most likely a powerful Sith artifact.

Star Wars Episode 7 Vader Helmet Wallpaper

The one scene which makes me question who the person is that is kneeling – I am not sure what is going on in the scene – allthough I do suspect something – for the sake of this post I am keeping it spoilers free – but I will let this slip, I suspect that it might be about something I typed in this article.

Star Wars Episode 7 R2D2

Then another scene which makes you wonder what is going on – someone hands Luke’s lightsaber to someone.Is it Leia? Or is it someone else we haven’t seen in the trailer before? Also why do they have Luke’s lightsaber, what happened? Did he make a new one? Is he lost?

Then we see a squadron of X-wings flying over a lake. They are being lead by Poe Dameron. This squadron is most likely the new modern version of the famed Red Squadron which Luke served in. Also you can see if you look closely, the X-wings have been slightly redesigned, keeping with the original look but making it more modern, but without loosing it’s original look.

Star Wars Episode 7

Star Wars Episode 7

The following are very quick cuts, so I am going to try and concentrate on the interesting bits first:

We see the Sith  Lord in action, using his very cool looking Light Saber with the cross hilts in the scene.

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (10)

Then the big one: The new Empire – I am almost certain that the red background with the symbol of the Empire makes this the new Sith  Empire. I might be wrong, but it would fit I feel with what we have seen of the new trailer.

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (11)

We then see for a brief moment, Rey holding something which appears to be a crystal of some sort. Now in Star Wars lore we know that if someone builds a lightsaber they need a crystal to do so, maybe this is a lightsaber crystal? It would be pretty cool to see someone build a lightsaber in the movie.

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (12)

Then the new Tie Fighters, they look like the old versions, but the panels have been altered, which shows them as white as instead of the usual black of the old versions.

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (13)

The Chrome trooper – this one has been in rumours for a while since the leaks of the new armour designs. Apparently they are the most elite of the elite of the Storm Troopers. Hopefully they will be able to hit something.

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (17)

Then the Milenium Falcon flies through the remains of a Super Star Destroyer – possibly the coolest shot in the trailer for me hands down. And then the big reveal…

Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Wallpaper (21)

“Chewie, were home…”

Star Wars Episode 7 - Han And Chewie

Han Solo and Chewie, back for one last adventure together. There have been people wondering why Chewie isn’t grey as Han is. Well according to the Star Wars wiki, Wookies tend to live for several centuries (700 years in other words), so the question is how old Chewie is in reality then? But wether that is true about how old they can get (the expanded universe was wiped pre Episode 7), it’s still great seeing one of the greatest rogues on screen.

With Star Wars Episode 7 coming out December, are you planning on dressing up for the premiere? We sure are! Leave a comment below and let us know.