“Okay sir, you’re a Lebowski, I’m a Lebowski, that’s terrific!” – one of the most famous lines from the film The Big Lebowski, which is almost infinitely quotable.

In fact, the Lebowski Fest began with fans of The Big Lebowski quoting each other lines from the film, with others joining in and quoting lines from the film as well.

The Big Lebowski is a well-known cult film with a devoted fan base known as Achievers. If you loved the Big Lebowski, don’t miss our story on the real Mr Lebowski.

Here are our top 21 The Big Lebowski Facts.

1. Did you know that the Dude says “man” in the movie a total of 147 times in the movie, that’s almost 1.5 “mans” per minute

2. Before filming Jeff Bridges would ask the Coen brothers if The Dude smoked a joint on the way over to a specific scene. If they said yes, Jeff Bridges would rub his knuckles in his eyes before doing a take to make his eyes appear bloodshot for the scene.

3. The Dude is actually in every scene in the movie, even in the scene where the Nihilist are ordering pancakes – you can see the van that Walter and the Dude is driving. Just goes to show that you can watch this movie every time and learn something new.

4. The clothes The Dude wears in the movie was actually Jeff Bridges’ own clothing, including his Jelly Sandals. Fun little fact – the sweater The Dude wears in the movie is actually a vintage Pendleton Cowichan sweater. You can buy a modern day version of the same sweater from Pendleton Cowichan known as the The Dude Shawl Cardigan.

5. Even though a member of their bowling team, The Dude is the only member from the team not seen bowling in the movie.

6. In a interview with John Goodman, who played Walter Sobchak, he mentioned that the only improvised line by the Dude was when he referred to The Big Lebowski as a “human parquet”. All the ‘man’ and ‘dudes’ where written in the original script.

7. One of the more colourful lines from the movie was edited down for TV to: “This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!”. It is one of the more ‘creative’ edits.

8. The Dude’s famous line – “The Dude abides” – is a reference to the biblical verse Ecclesiastes 1:4. “One generation passes away, and another generation comes: but the earth abides forever.” It is in reference to The Dude, who very much like the earth, can handle change and chaos around him, but still remain the same.

9. The Dude tells Maude that he once was a roadie for Metallica on their fictional “Speed of Sound” tour and that they were a bunch of assholes. Metallica themselves are flattered to be referred in a Coen Brothers movie. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammet once said that they tried to think of a way to incorporate that scene into their live shows.

10. The Big Lebowski is notoriously known for its use of the f-word. It’s used in the movie a total of 260 times, or 2.22 f bombs per minute.

11. The Dude only speaks directly to Donny twice in the movie. The first is when he enquires what Walter and the Dude is talking about and the dude replies – “My Rug!”. The second time is when The Dude is walking home from the bowling alley and Donny asks “Where you going Dude?”, to which he replies “Home Donny”. Donny then says: “Phones ringing dude” to which the dude responds “Thank you Donny”.

12. Of all the different personalised bowling shirts Donny wears in the movie, none of them bears his name.

13. The private investigator DaVino, refers to himself as a Brother Shamus – a term which confuses The Dude. This was a popular term for a private investigator and was used by Raymond Chandler – who wrote stories on which The Big Lebowski is loosely based.

14. If you want to make a replica of The Dude’s signature, drink the White Russian. You need 2 parts Vodka, 1 Part Coffee Liqueur (The Dude liked his Kahlúa) and 1 part Full Cream Milk, best served in a low ball glass. For over 18’s only (in South Africa) / over 21’s (other countries) – Nerdipop supports Responsible Drinking.

15. The second time Jackie Treehorn thugs appear in the movie, they have actually swapped clothing.

16. While urinating on The Dude’s rug, Jackie Treehorn’s thug says: “Ever thus to deadbeats, Lebowski!”. This is a play on the Latin phrase: “Sic semper tyrannis!” (Thus always to tyrants!)

17. The fictional German band in the movie, Autobahn, is a parody or a tribute to legendary electronic music band Kraftwerk.

18. The Autobahn album Nagelbett means “bed of nails” in German. The photograph on the cover shows a bed of nails.

19. To portray the lazy and out of shape The Dude, Jeff Bridges physically let himself go, something he vowed he would never do again for a movie.

20. South Africa’s own Charlize Theron was actually considered to play the role of Bunny Lebowski at one point.

21. Did you know that there is a book known as The Dude and the Zen Master? The Dude is viewed by many to be a Zen master as Jeff Bridges puts it “The wonderful thing about The Dude is that he’d always rather hug it out than slug it out.”