The Child, also known as Grogu (and by fans as Baby Yoda), is the breakout star of Disney+’s hit series The Mandalorian. This adorable creature captured the hearts of millions of viewers with his big eyes, cute expressions, and charming personality. Grogu is of the same species as Jedi Master Yoda and has a strong connection to the Force, making him an invaluable asset to the Mandalorian, the show’s protagonist.
Grogu’s love of blue macarons and his adorable coos and babbles have quickly made him a fan favourite and a pop culture icon.

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Get Ready for Cuteness Overload: 32 Fascinating Facts about Grogu, The Child, AKA Baby Yoda!

(1) The little guy with the big ears was known as “The Child” or “Baby Yoda” until his real name, Grogu, was finally revealed in “Chapter 13: The Jedi.”

(2) Grogu may be cute as a button, but he’s over 50 years old – born around the same time as Anakin Skywalker. Talk about aging gracefully!

(3) The Mandalorian found Grogu on the planet Arvala-7, like a precious little treasure waiting to be discovered.

(4) Despite being just a toddler, Grogu has a powerful connection to the Force and can work some serious magic.

(5) He’s not just a Force-wielding cutie – Grogu also has some healing skills, saving Greef Karga with a Jedi-level touch.

(6) Grogu’s species is so rare that they don’t even have a name yet in the Star Wars universe. Talk about elusive!

(7) But one thing’s for sure – Grogu’s species is known for their wisdom and strong Force abilities. He may be small, but he’s wise beyond his years.

(8) What’s the way to Grogu’s heart? Blue macarons, of course! This little guy has a sweet tooth.

(9) The Mandalorian and Grogu have a bond that’s out of this galaxy, and they’re practically inseparable. Mando is the ultimate babysitter!

(10) Grogu’s language is all coos and squeaks, but he understands Basic just fine. It’s like having your own little translator.

(11) The story of Grogu’s birth and early life is shrouded in mystery, adding to his air of intrigue.

(12) Unfortunately, our little hero has been targeted by some unsavoury characters, including the Empire and bounty hunters. But he can hold his own when the going gets tough.

(13) Don’t let his size fool you – Grogu is a fighter when he needs to be, using the Force to protect himself against all manner of threats.

(14) He may be a Jedi in training, but Grogu has a love for all things mechanical. Who needs toys when you have buttons and switches to play with?

(15) But he’s not always a perfect angel – Grogu has a mischievous side, and he’s not afraid to steal a snack or two (or a whole plate of macarons).

(16) Grogu has become a fan favourite, and you can find his cute little face on all sorts of merchandise, from plush toys to figurines.

(17) The creators of The Mandalorian, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, designed Grogu themselves, and they hit it out of the park.

(18) Grogu’s popularity has been out of this world, turning The Mandalorian into a massive hit and introducing new fans to the Star Wars universe.

(19) Believe it or not, Grogu wasn’t even part of the original plan for The Mandalorian – he was added in later because Favreau saw the potential for a Yoda-like creature.

(20) Grogu may be young, but he’s already had quite the life – trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and rescued during the fall of the Republic.

(21) He even got some training from the legendary Luke Skywalker himself! Talk about a dream come true.

(22) Not everyone has the best intentions when it comes to our little hero – Moff Gideon tried to use Grogu to unlock the secrets of the Force.

(23) Despite not being a Mandalorian himself, Grogu has a strong connection to their culture and has found a home with Mando and his crew.

(24) Grogu’s got a Mandalorian mojo, despite not being born in the tribe.

(25) The Child’s got youth on his side, but he’ll outlive us all with his nine-hundred-year stride.

(26) Grogu’s got the Force, and it’s a hot commodity, sought after by all sorts of galactic society.

(27) Grogu’s been in hiding, ever since he escaped the Jedi Temple during the Republic’s dividing.

(28) Fans called him Baby Yoda or The Child, until his official name was revealed, and his cuteness went wild.

(29) Grogu’s puppet was made by the same crew, who crafted Yoda for Empire Strikes Back.

(30) Grogu’s got Jedi training, and his Force powers are astounding, but now he’s in hiding, and his whereabouts are confounding.

(31) Grogu and Mando, a pair of buds, inseparable as they trek across the intergalactic studs.

(32) Grogu’s got a love for music, and in the series, he’s been seen playing it, which is fantastic and acoustic.

(33) Grogu’s fame has spawned a merch craze, from plush toys to life-sized replicas, we’re all in a buying daze!