The King’s Daughter is a fairy-tale inspired 2022 film that was released on 21 January 2022. The story was partly inspired by the 1997 novel, “The Moon and the Sun” written by Vonda N McIntyre. Pierce Brosnan plays King Louis XIV, Kaya Scodelario plays Marie-Josèphe, and Benhamin Walker plays Yves De La Croix.

This film tugs at the heartstrings since it tells the story of a father who is torn between his selfishness and his daughter. There is some romance in this film between the princess and an attractive sailor with a conflicted heart. This film may not be for everyone, but if you want fantasy romance with a dash of drama and good-clean family fun, this is the film for you.

Movie synopsis:

The film is set in France in the early seventeenth century. The plot revolves around the sun king, King Louis XIV, who captures a mermaid in order to obtain immortality, by trying to steal the mermaid’s life source during the full eclipse. The King also summons his daughter, who grew up in a convent, to the castle. Later, his daughter threatens to derail the king’s unethical ambitions if he doesn’t set the mermaid free.


5 Fun facts about the King’s daughter

(1) The movie was actually filmed in 2014, but only released in 2022.

(2) This was the second time Julie Andrews narrated a film. She also narrated Enchanted (2007).

(3) Kaya Scodelario (Marie-Josephe D’Alember) is married to Benjamin Walker (Yves De La Croix).

(4) The 1997 source novel “The Moon & the Sun” by Vonda N. McIntyre won the Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, surpassing the George R.R. Martin book that served as the inspiration for the Game of Thrones (2011) television series.


(5) Josephine walking away from her father King Louie 14th after he informs her she must marry the young Duke Lintillac for his money is an amusing inaccuracy in the film. A zipper may be seen in Josephine’s skirt when you look at her from behind. From 1643 until his passing in 1715, King Louie the 14th ruled. In 1851, the first zipper was created. Whitcomb L. Judson created the zipper as we know it today in the first few years of the 1890s.


The Book:

Louis XIV, who ruled France in the seventeenth century, had grandiose ambition. His realm is one where beauty and money rule supreme, frivolity breeds brutality, and science and alchemy clash. Courtiers vie for the king’s favor from the Hall of Mirrors to the Chateau de Versailles’ vermin-infested attics, forsaking wealth, morals, and even the revered relationship between brothers and sisters in the process. By the end of his fifty-year reign, Louis XIV had elevated France to the position of greatest power in the western world. The Sun King’s desire for fame, however, knows no bounds. In a risky move, he sends his natural philosopher on an expedition to look for the rare, possibly mythological sea monsters that are the source of immortality.