In the 2017 movie, The man who invented Christmas, Charles Dickens, in 1843, facing financial struggles after a series of book failures, embarks on writing “A Christmas Carol” in just six weeks to revive his fortunes. Amidst personal and creative challenges, Dickens interacts with characters like Ebenezer Scrooge, haunted by his own past. The journey forces him to confront family tensions, reconcile with his father, and rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, culminating in the creation of a timeless holiday classic.

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5 Fun Facts about The man who invented Christmas

(1) Charles Dickens’ family did have a pet raven, which inspired a story he shared with Edgar Allan Poe. Poe then wrote a famous poem about a raven.

(2) At 87 years old, Christopher Plummer became the oldest actor to portray Scrooge, highlighting a departure from previous portrayals where Scrooge was often played by middle-aged actors.

(3) Filming predominantly took place in Ireland, with sets from “Penny Dreadful” being repurposed for the production.

(4) Simon Callow, portraying John Leech, had previously portrayed Charles Dickens in “Doctor Who.”

(5) Christopher Plummer delivers the infamous “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” line from “Star Wars” when meeting the Ghost of Christmas Future.

(5) The film’s copyright notice humorously uses the phrase “Bah Humbug” sarcastically, emphasizing the movie’s opposite intention.