There’s something about magic and stories about magic, that draws us in.

Some would describe it as the idea of potential, hope and realized dreams. Others may argue that stories about magic is as if the universe is speaking to us in a language we can only begin to comprehend. Others may argue that stories about magic brings ideals of exploration, of discovering new and unknown areas.

Netflix’s TV fantasy musical, The Sound of Magic, does just that.

The Sound of Magic is a fantasy musical series on Netflix that is based on the Annarasumanara webtoon.

This series delivers something beautiful that lures us in with great, appealing songs that truly represent the feelings that the characters are feeling. This musical drama radiates of promise, hope, and realized ambitions.

Fans of musical theatre, fantasy, a great premise and Korean dramas, should not miss The Sound of Magic.

Do you believe in magic?


The Sound of Magic is an emotional music drama about Yoon Ah-yi, a poor girl at Sewoon High School who has lost faith in magic, which she once treasured. She aspires to grow up quickly and become an adult in order to avoid the big stressors and debts that are weighing her down.

She then encounters Lee Eul, an adult magician who wishes to remain a ‘child.’ He tries to claim he is a true magician, asking everyone he meets “Do you believe in magic?” despite the community’s scorn and distrust.

After becoming a frequent visitor to Lee Eul’s residence (which is located in an eerie, abandoned amusement park), Ah-deskmate yi’s Na Il-deung, a cold and well-off student, begins to eavesdrop on her magic lessons with the magician, and soon develops an interest in her and magic tricks. Overall, Ah-yi’s life changes as she becomes a Lee Eul follower, rediscovering her faith in magic and deciding to pursue her dreams more seriously.