With the year still being fresh and new, herewith the NerdiPop Top 10 Games to play in 2015!


Spelunky is an incredibly fun and challenging platformer.  I know the developers don’t like the term rogue-like, but the game definately has some elements of rogue-like. It is a fun and challenging (and at times completely sadistic) game to check out .

Kerbal Space Program

Ever wanted to manage your own space program and launch astronauts in the name of Science? Then Kerbal Space Program is the game for you – featuring custom rockets you can build and many planets and moons to visit. Do you want to pilot your own little rover on the moon? Then Kerbal Space Program is the game for you!

Alien Isolation

The game is severely intense, especially near the end. I know people said that it was a bit too much like a shooter for their liking near the end, but if you play this game on the hard setting, it becomes much more intense, especially with ammo being far and few between. The ending isn’t all that great but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Shadow of Mordor

Possibly one of the best Assassins creed / Batman Arkham games I have played, with the great nemesis system. This means that any Orc that kills you becomes your nemesis and
a named warrior in the story. Epic!

Wasteland 2

The original Wasteland game inspired the Fallout Series. With the latest entry in the game, with great game play from a isometric perspective and feeling somewhat like the Fallout 3 we never got, Wasteland 2 is a fun post apocalyptic game to check out. It will also be a time sink as it has something like 80 hours worth of gameplay.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

A game where you drive cargo from point A to B in a giant truck sounds boring – yes? Oddly when you start playing the game there is some kind of magic that happens, whether your relaxing and driving through the country side, listening to some internet radio stations and harassing the AI, Euro Truck Simulator is a pretty good simulator unlike the magnitude of Youtube bait that gets released on steam on an almost daily basis.

Assassins Creed Black Flag

Possibly the best Assassin Creed game in recent history and that’s probably only due to the pirate section in the game, with the same old boring assassins creed game play the ability to control your own ship and have your crew sing you a shanty, attack and raid enemy ships. Unfortunately they went back to the same old Assassins Creed formula for the latest entries.


One of the best free to play games I have played, Hearthstone is a competitive collectable card game. With the latest expansion – Goblins vs Gnomes – it’s a must play. Go ahead make your deck and climb the ladder of Hearthstone –  whether it is a zoo deck, murloc rush deck or even a gimmick deck.

Rocksmith 2014

Ever wanted to learn to play the Guitar? Can you play guitar but you never felt you took it as far as you can? Well now your chance with Rocksmith 2014, featuring hundreds of songs to play from such classics such as Bob Dylan to modern rock and metal bands such as Disturbed and Muse. Does Rocksmith work? Yes but you need to know a little bit of guitar, otherwise your technique will be wrong. Still a great game to play especially with your friends if they can play guitar and bass.


Terraria is a big game, which is funny considering the game is pretty much under 100mg in size (at the time of writing). Described once as a 2D version of Minecraft, the name is somewhat appropriate as you also have to build your own base of operations, but with useful NPC’s moving in, Giant Bosses to fight and either the corruption or the hallow to keep back, it’s truly a fun game to play.