In a heartfelt Christmas tale, orphaned siblings Andrea, Moppet and Patrick, under the care of Aunt Ruth, discover the enchanting story of Nikolas. Nikolas, a boy in search of Elfhelm, embarks on a magical journey with his newfound friends—a talking mouse named Miika and a reindeer named Blitzen. When they reach Elfhelm, Nikolas faces trials, including being sentenced to a troll’s feast. With courage and the help of newfound allies, Nikolas unveils the true spirit of Elfhelm, leading to a heartwarming transformation in a kingdom hungry for hope. As Aunt Ruth concludes the story, the children’s father returns, and the magic of Christmas fills their lives. Little do they know, Aunt Ruth is the Truth Pixie, adding an extra dash of wonder to this festive tale.

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5 Fun Facts about A Boy Called Christmas

(1) Did you know Rune Temte, the spirited Anders, took it up a notch by dubbing himself in the Norwegian version? Talk about owning your voice!

(2) The name Lumi isn’t just catchy; it’s Finnish for “snow”! Adds a touch of cool to this warm holiday film.

(3) Behold the Hogwarts connection! Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent and Toby Jones—all seasoned wizards in the Harry Potter saga—reunite in “Elves” with a sprinkle of cinematic magic.

(4) Jim Broadbent isn’t just any Santa. He voiced the animated Santa in “Arthur Christmas” and took on the live-action role in “Get Santa.” Double the Santa, double the festive fun!

(5) Nicholas’s mouse, Mika, has a Nordic twist! Mika is the informal version of the Finnish name Mikael, making this little rodent a touch ‘Mickey Mousey’ in spirit.