In Jingle Jangle, A Christmas Journey, Jeronicus Jangle, a brilliant toymaker, faces financial ruin when his prized invention is stolen by his apprentice Gustafson. Three decades later, with the help of his estranged granddaughter Journey, Jeronicus must rediscover his inventive spirit. Together, they bring life to Buddy 3000, thwart Gustafson’s schemes, and mend family ties, culminating in a heartwarming holiday tale of redemption, creativity, and the magic of Christmas.

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5 Fun facts about Jingle Jangle, A Christmas Journey

(1) The epic snowball fight scene in the movie was filmed in Norwich, UK’s historic Elm Hill area, featuring over 80 local people, including some who work in the businesses showcased in the film.

(2) Every shop in Cobbleton is named after historical African American inventors, adding a meaningful touch to the movie’s setting.

(3) “Jingle Jangle” made it to the 2020 shortlist for the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, showcasing its visual artistry.

(4) In a delightful Marvel connection, the trunk with Buddy 3000’s missing piece has a sticker that reads “The Grand Wakanda Country.” Forest Whitaker, who plays Jeronicus Jangle, portrayed ‘Zuri’ in Black Panther.

(5) Symbolism alert: When Jeronicus realizes he needs more time, the clock behind him freezes, with stopped hands and faded minute and hour marks—an ingenious representation of being literally “out of time.”