In “A Merry Little Batman,” the heartwarming Christmas tale unfolds as Damian Wayne, the young heir to the Wayne fortune, finds himself alone in the vast Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve. Determined to honor his family’s legacy and protect Gotham City, the resourceful and spirited Damian takes on the mantle of “Little Batman.”

Clad in a pint-sized Batsuit and armed with childlike enthusiasm, Damian embarks on a festive and adventurous mission to safeguard his home and the entire Gotham City from the mischievous plots of supervillains during the magical holiday season.

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3 Fun facts about A Merry Little Batman

(1) Early in the film, Batman humorously mentions that his beard enhances his intimidation game. Interestingly, “Intimidation Game” was the working title of the iconic film “Batman Begins.”

(2) This film marks a departure from tradition as it is the first DC animated production not released by Warner Bros. Instead, the distribution is handled by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

(3) During a present-guessing scene, Damien playfully suggests “Bat Ice Skates?!” as a nod to the infamous Bat Ice Skates featured in “Batman & Robin” (1997).

(4) Luke Wilson takes on his second DC character, having previously portrayed Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E. in “Stargirl” (2020-2022).