In the 2019 release “Last Christmas,” Katarina “Kate” Andrich, a struggling singer, navigates life as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop in London. She encounters Tom Webster, a peculiar observer, and their connection deepens as she faces personal struggles, including family dynamics and her health issues post-heart transplant from a year ago, a fact she shares with Tom. As Kate transforms her life, she discovers a heartwarming secret: Tom, a ghost, was her organ donor. In a touching Christmas show, she honors his memory, and the film concludes with a joyful summer scene as Kate embraces life, following Tom’s advice to always “look up.”

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5 Fun facts about Last Christmas

(1) Emilia Clarke showcased her singing skills, performing her own songs in the movie.

(2) Wham! donated all royalties from their song “Last Christmas” to Ethiopian famine relief.

(3) Dame Emma Thompson started working on the script in 2010 and the movie is set in 2017.

(4) Emilia Clarke dyed her hair blonde for the film after the final season of “Game of Thrones.”

(5) The movie features actors from Star Wars—Peter Serafinowicz and Emilia Clarke.