Looking for a unique twist on Valentine’s Day? Craving some blood and chaos to spice up your chocolate and Champagne? Well, consider giving “My Bloody Valentine” a try.

My Bloody Valentine

Tom comes back to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of a Valentine’s night tragedy that took the lives of 22 people. Instead of a warm welcome, Tom becomes a suspect in the murders, and his old flame is the only one who believes he’s innocent.



The 2009 remake of “My Bloody Valentine” adds a modern touch to the 1981 original. It’s interesting to see Jensen Ackles, known for his role in Supernatural, in a different setting.

“My Bloody Valentine” was filmed in 3D, and even if you’re watching it in 2D, you’ll notice cool but somewhat strange scenes, like pickaxes flying towards the camera. Jensen Ackles delivers a great performance as Tom, whose father went mad and committed a massacre.

While the story might be a bit plain, the movie excels in gore. Predictable plot aside, it’s a fun, popcorn-worthy film for a horror-loving date night. The slasher costume of the maniac coal miner is creepy and well-designed, making it one of the standout slasher looks.

Despite its merits, the film has flaws. Some scenes seem oddly sped up or switch to 30fps instead of the usual cinematic 24fps. This suggests that video segments might have been added to the film.

Digital blood effects can be distracting, but considering it was made for 3D, they likely aimed for a more immersive experience. “My Bloody Valentine” isn’t flawless, but if you’re seeking something different for Valentine’s Day with your significant other, it’s worth a watch.

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