In the spirited quest to claim victory in the neighborhood’s festive decorating competition, a determined man strikes an unusual deal with a mischievous elf. Little does he know that this pact sets off a magical whirlwind, bringing the enchanting “12 Days of Christmas” to vibrant life. The once serene town is suddenly plunged into delightful chaos as Pepper’s magical prowess takes an unexpected and whimsical turn. However, this spellbinding misadventure poses a whimsical threat to the beloved holiday season. Now, with Christmas hanging in the balance, Chris (Eddie Murphy), alongside his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross) and their three children, must navigate a fantastical world teeming with deviously magical characters. Will they save the holiday magic or succumb to the delightful pandemonium? Join the family on this whimsical and chaotic yuletide journey filled with unexpected twists and enchanting surprises.

Racing against the ticking clock, the family embarks on a spirited quest to break Pepper’s enchanting spell and restore order to their town. As they face whimsical challenges and embrace the true meaning of the season, “Deck the Halls with Eddie Murphy” unfolds as a heartwarming tale of laughter, love, and the magical chaos that makes Christmas truly unforgettable.

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5 Fun Facts about Candy Cane Lane

(1) “Candy Cane Lane” marks Eddie Murphy’s return to working with director Reginald Hudlin since their collaboration on “Boomerang” in 1992.

(2) The movie was filmed on the iconic set of Desperate Housewives (2004), specifically the fictional street known as Wisteria Lane. Fans of the popular TV series might recognize the familiar surroundings!

(3) This film represents Eddie Murphy’s second collaboration with Amazon Original. His involvement in the project adds an exciting touch to the growing list of Amazon Original productions.

(4) Thaddeus J. Mixson and Reginald Hudlin, involved in the making of “Candy Cane Lane,” had previously collaborated on the film Safety (2020). Their past teamwork brings a level of familiarity and trust to this new project.

(5) In a rare and sincere move, Eddie Murphy and Jillian Bell expressed remorse for a particular scene in the movie. Both actors acknowledged that using the Lord’s name as an exclamation was inappropriate.