In the heart of suburbia, Steve, portrayed by Matthew Broderick, leads a life meticulously arranged around the joyous celebrations of Christmas. However, the tranquility of his festive haven is disrupted when his new neighbor, the spirited and ambitious Danny, played by Danny DeVito, moves in. Danny’s grand vision involves transforming his home into a dazzling spectacle, aiming to have it shine brightly enough to be seen from the vastness of space.

Unwilling to concede the title of the neighborhood’s most festive house, Steve launches a spirited competition against Danny, igniting a hilarious war of one-upmanship. As twinkling lights multiply, inflatable reindeer sprout, and holiday cheer spirals into an all-out frenzy, the duo’s festive rivalry begins to jeopardize the very essence of Christmas magic. Amidst the tangled wires and towering decorations, “Festive Folly: The Battle of the Twinkling Neighbors” unfolds as a comedic tale of suburban competition, testing the resilience of the Christmas spirit in the face of over-the-top holiday exuberance.

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5 Fun Facts about “Deck the Halls”

(1) Danny DeVito’s character’s extravagant lighting display used cutting-edge LED technology, forming a digital skin around his house. These lights, from Color Kinetics, showcased programmable effects, consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional string lights.

(2) The NHL Detroit Red Wing hockey jersey worn by Buddy in the skating race belonged to Brendan Shanahan. Additionally, the ice-skating race is filmed on a street featured in “Smallville,” known for its appearances in many scenes from the series.

(3) The film was initially titled ‘All Lit Up,’ capturing the essence of the festive lighting competition.

(4) Twins Kelly Aldridge and Sabrina Aldridge make their first movie appearance as the twins Ashley and Emily Hall.

(5) In the scene where Buddy’s lights disturb the neighbors all night, Steve’s wife Kelly (Kristin Davis) wears two sleeping masks, adding a humorous touch.