One of the coolest things in the BBC Doctor Who Series are the epic monsters and villains. For this blog we are looking at our top 10 favourite monsters in the series.

10) The Adipose

Although not really monsters, the Adipose are just too cute and gruesome (if you think what they are!) not to mention on this blog. In the episode Partners in Crime, we see over-weight people losing weight over night without them knowing how they lost the weight. Later on in the show, we see that young Adipose are “born” from the fat of people. At one stage people are killed by millions of little Adipose forming out of their fat cells. The Adipose are hand-sized, marshmallow-shaped beings, composed almost entirely of fat. They have two eyes and a mouth, two arms with webbed hands and two stumpy legs. Most Adipose had what appeared to be a single tooth.

The Adipose

9) The Ood

The first time we meet The Ood is when they are introduced as a slave race to humans. Later on in the series we realise they have an intelligence far beyond what we expect. Later on in the series, we see that they were not born to serve but actually enslaved – their little brains that they have are removed and replaced by globes. They are then linked together by a hive mind created by a corporation. Once The Doctor frees them, they progress into one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, impressing even The Doctor.

The Ood

8) The Empty Child

The Empty Child takes place in 1941 during the London Blitz. There are loads of street children and one creepy looking boy asking: “Are you my mummy?” the whole time. If he touches you, you turn into the same type of monster he is. The reason why this little boy is so creepy is that Captain Jack accidentally hit a young boy named Jamie with a stolen ambulance ship. The nanogenes in the ship healed him but they didn’t realise that his gas mask wasn’t actually part of his face. This started a plague and the virus spread to everyone who the Empty Child touched. Before you knew it, there was hundreds of hospital patients walking around with gas masks attached like skin.

The Empty Child

7) The Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada are microscopic beings that lived in swarms, thousands strong are nasty creatures that live in the shadows! In large numbers, they can strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds. The Vashta Nerada normally lived in forests, but some idiot cut their trees and turned them into books – hence them taking over the Library! The Vashta Nerada appeared in the season four episodes: ‘Silence in the Library’ and ‘Forest of the Dead’.

The Vashta Nerada

6) The Peg Dolls

The Peg Dolls, in the episode “Night Terrors” turns their victims into other peg dolls. Something that was really scary was that any clothing a person was wearing before being turned, is modified into that of a dolls. The Eleventh Doctor referred to it as a state of “living death”. Creeeeeepy!

Peg Dolls

Next is everyone’s favourite murderous salt and pepper shakers:

5) The Daleks

The Daleks

The Daleks were first introduced in the second serial of Doctor Who titled the “The Daleks”. They have since then become one of the staples of Doctor Who. The Doctor has faced and defeated the Daleks numerous times. Even though they get used quite frequently, they still remain a fan-favourite of the series. Noticeable daleks include the Dalek Emperor, the special weapons Dalek and the Cult of Skaro daleks. Don’t forget about Davros – the creator of The Daleks.

One of our favourite lines in the Doctor Who, Doomsday, is where the Daleks and the Cyberman face-off.

  • Cyber Leader: Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
  • Dalek Sec: This is not war – this is pest control!

Cult of Skaro

4) The Cybermen

The Cybermen first appeared in the TV serial – The 10th Planet and have in their own way also become a staple in the world of Doctor Who. The Cybermen ‘upgrade’ people. They kidnap and turn their victims into Cybermen – a truly frightening prospect for someone. Unlike The Daleks, who remain largely unchanged throughout the entire history of Doctor Who, the Cybermen have gone through design variations almost each time they appear in the series.

Their pay-off line: “Delete” or “Upgrade”.

The Cybermen

3) The Silence

The Silence first appeared in the episode, title: The Impossible Astronaut. They are truly one of the most frightening enemies The Doctor has ever faced. It’s one thing to take on something and remember it’s there when you turn your back, but when your turn your back and you forget that it was there, that’s something else. I doubt they will make a return appearance in the series again but for the time they were The Doctor’s nemesis, they certainly showed why they were to be feared.

The Silence

2) The Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels appeared first in the episode ‘Blink’. They truly showed how frightening they could be in the episode ‘A time of angels’.  The weeping Angels are statues of Angels who move only when you lose eye contact with them. They’re very quick and one touch from a Weeping Angel will send you back in time. Weeping Angels feed off the potential life that their victims would have lived in the present day. Very very frightning!

Weeping Angels

1) The Boneless

The Boneless made their first appearance in the episode Flatline. They are seriously scary, 2D creatures who move in 2-dimensional space. Eventually they try and get into our 3-dimensional universe. Their movements are very creepy. Hopefully we will see them again the future of Doctor Who.