Choosing my favourite Doctor Who episode isn’t easy as there are quite a lot of episodes out there – and most of them are really good. If I really have to choose, then it will have to be between a Time of Angels and Victory of the Daleks. For this article we are going to concentrate on Victory of the Daleks.

Taking place in World War 2, Churchill has a new secret weapon to take on the German War Machine and turn the tide for the allies. His new ‘Ironsides’ will save the day, but unknown to him, they are actually The Daleks.

You might ask why I love this episodes out of all the others? Honestly I am not sure – but I love the music from this episode. The theme for Victory of the Daleks is quite swooping and epic and brings back memories of footage of Dog Fights from World War 2.

The Doctor’s hate for The Daleks is quite strong in this episode and you can truly see that he hates them with a fury.

Probably the main reason I enjoy this episode more than the rest is that it brings back the classic villains of Doctor Who, the Daleks. They have been with Doctor Who since the second episode of the Classic Doctor Who and they have been vanquished time and time again, but they are always return. And boy – are they entertaining!


One of the things I am disappointed in is that they didn’t expand in other episodes with the new classes of Daleks that were introduced in this episode – the Supreme, Eternal, Strategist, Scientist and The Drone Daleks. There have been three series since the reveal of the new paradigm of Daleks, but they haven’t made much of a appearance in the show since then.

If you have a keen eye, you might see a extra who would eventually become a companion in this episode.