Get ready to infuse every day with Christmas cheer! We’ll guide you through a fun activity for each day until Christmas, ensuring your holiday season is brimming with merriment. From classic traditions to creative ideas, our countdown will help you embrace the joy of the season. Join us on this festive journey, and let’s make every day leading up to Christmas special. Get ready to laugh, create and celebrate – it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit!

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1 December: Kick off with unveiling your Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas with a geeky-themed advent calendar.

2 December: Deck out your geek cave: Start with a fandom wreath or pop culture-themed decorations. Make sure to set-up your fandom favourite Christmas tree!

3 December: Start the day with a Nostalgic Soundtrack: Create or listen to a playlist featuring iconic geeky tunes. Check out your favourite fandom actors, actresses, singers or Christmas movie soundtracks and get into the Christmas spirit!

4 December: Write a Letter to the North Pole (or Middle Earth – whatever tickles your fancy!) and make sure to express your fandom Christmas wishes.

5 December: Watch a festive fandom movie: Dive into a holiday-themed movie from your favourite fandom. Check out our Christmas movie suggestions here.

6 December: Whip up themed treats: Try your hand at baking cookies inspired by your beloved franchises. If you’re into Ginger Bread cookies, try and recreate Gingy from Shrek!

7 December: Geeky greeting cards: Send out holiday cards featuring your favourite characters. Check out our Red Bubble Store for Inspiration!

8 December: Make your home shine with Christmas lights, lightsabers or fairy lights. Make sure to decorate with a touch of your geeky flair.

9 December: Christmas is about giving back! Donate to a fan charity or do something for someone less fortunate.

10 December: Embark on a quest to find the best geeky holiday displays in your neighbourhood.

11 December: Immerse yourself in a Christmas or fandom comic or book. See some suggestions here.

My Happy Marriage Light Novels

The Phantom of the Opera Novels

Fairy Tales

12 December: Host Christmas Cosplay Party and connect with fellow geeks for a festive gathering.

13 December: Light up a sci-fi or fantasy-themed candle and go do some carolling with a Pop Culture Twist – sing holiday songs with lyrics adapted to your favourite fandoms.

14 December: Build a hot cocoa station with geeky and fandom mugs (see some inspiration from Red Bubble).

15 December: Get some glow in the dark geeky decorations and add a touch of the force or a superhero flair to your outdoor decor.

16 December: Organise a Secret Santa Exchange with geeky goodies.

17 December: Get your professional baker on – build a Geeky Gingerbread House.

18 December: Organise a virtual gaming night with your online besties!

19 December: Get into the spirit of Christmas by hosting a Geeky Pajama Party with pop culture-themed sleepwear.

20 December: Attend a Christmas market and look for fandom inspired merch to buy.

21 December: Read a holiday-themed book from your favourite fandom.

22 December: Play holiday-themed board games inspired by your favourite franchises.

23 December: Capture festive cosplay photos with your favourite characters.

24 December: Virtually join fellow fans for a Christmas Eve movie marathon.

25 December: Unwrap fandom-inspired gifts and enjoy a breakfast from your favourite universe.

Reflect on a year of geekiness: Take a moment to appreciate the geeky highlights of the year.


Get ready for a geek-tastic and pop culture-infused holiday season!