Today we are going to look at Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Analytics – an exclusive game from Sony Entertainment for the PS4.

The game appears to be a post apocalyptic game, but from the look of things, man has gone back to an almost primal caveman-style of living.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (1)

First off the game looks very good. They say it’s running real-time captured on a PS4, but as always there can be quite a lot of bull-shots.

From the trailer we can see some kind of calamity that hit the world and left us in a new Dark Age or even worse… It isn’t stated in the trailer what it could be, but from the look of things it might have been some form of robotics, such as SkyNet. Maybe we developed an artificial intelligence which then decided to repopulate the world with robots?

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (2)

From the game trailer we can gather that there are different tribes, most likely people from different continents? There is currently not enough information to be sure.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (4)

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (5)

What we do know is the player character is known as Aloy and that her tribe was the first to actually hunt the machines, now populating the planet.  One of the cooler aspect of her character design is that she makes her armour from the parts of the machines she hunts. As you can see in the one still, she has a vambrace that is padded with metal and probably carbon fibre – most likely a trophy from a hunt.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (6)

Her bow is an amalgamation of wood and metallic parts. It also looks as if members of her tribe use the broken parts as armour for their clothing. This is supported by the man we see helping her shoot her bow in the trailer.

The robot creatures look interesting, especially the robot Giraffes and the deer. The Watcher in the game almost reminds me of a Meerkat in some way, as they are known to be on the lookout for predators.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (8)

The mechanical T-Rexes look intimidating and it appears that there are missile launchers on the side of them, which makes you wonder if they were originally used for war?

From what we can gather in the trailer it appears that Aloy hunts the canisters on the back of the robotic deer – what’s inside the canisters is unknown at present.

Late in the trailer we also see shooting of a gun from one of the T-Rexes and that you are able to use it against them. Also of note is a very quick view of Aloy’s inventory and arrows she has at her disposal. From the look of things she has 3 types available – Armour piercing arrow, Explosive Arrows and  what I would guess electrical arrows.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Screenshots - (9)

Also late in the trailer we see her wielding the crossbow that was shown earlier in the trailer. From the look of things it is used to pull creatures down and tie them down to the ground. The weapon is known as the Ropecaster.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for a 2016 release.