There’s been a lot of buzz about the Korean drama “Marry My Husband” .  We just finished watching it and LOVED this K-drama! This delightful K-drama is based on the webtoon, with the same name by studio LICO.

Not in the mood to read? Watch the video here.

The 16 part tv series follows Kang Ji Won, stuck in a miserable m    arriage with Park Min Hwan. Things get even worse when she finds out she has cancer and that her husband and best friend are having an affair. After a fight, confronting her cheating husband and horrible friend, Ji Won dies, but miraculously wakes up ten years earlier. With this second chance, she tries to change her future, which proves to be quite the challenge.  Seeing Ji Won grow more confident was a wonderful experience as was the support from Yoo Ji Hyuk. Even the villains added some spice to the story.


Without giving away too many plotlines, here is what we loved about the drama:

The Acting: The cast did a solid job, especially since many of them took on roles they hadn’t tried before. Their performances, especially as villains, were believable and kept us hooked.

The Revenge: Watching Ji Won’s revenge unfold was exciting, with plenty of twists to keep things interesting. Seeing the bad guys get what they deserved was satisfying. If you liked the Glory, you will like this as well.

The Villains: The villains were delightfully evil, and the unexpected twists in their roles made the story even more engaging.

The Couples: So many multiple romantic storylines! Yass! Each couple had its own charm, and their relationships added depth to the plot.

The Ending: The finale wrapped things up nicely, with all the loose ends tied up. It was a satisfying conclusion that left me feeling good about the characters’ futures.

Turn on your favourite streaming service now, and get watching!