“Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Moon Lovers” is a South Korean TV series, alternatively known as “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” adapted from the Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua. Originally airing in 2016, the show gained widespread popularity both domestically and internationally.

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The story follows Go Ha-jin, portrayed by IU, a 25-year-old woman from the 21st century. Through a twist of fate during a solar eclipse, she inexplicably finds herself transported to the Goryeo Dynasty in the year 941 after a near-drowning incident in a lake. Initially drawn to the kind 8th Prince Wang Wook, played by Kang Ha-neul, her affections take a complicated turn as she falls in love with the formidable and enigmatic 4th Prince, Wang So, played by Lee Joon-gi.

The alternate ending of “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” has become a topic of fervent discussion among fans. The original conclusion delivers a tragic outcome for the protagonist, Hae Soo (IU), marked by heartbreak and loss. However, rumors are floating around regarding an unreleased alternative ending that might offer a more optimistic or joyous resolution, potentially altering the characters’ destinies and providing a departure from the somber tone of the official conclusion.

Notably, in November 2016, IU shared two images on her Instagram depicting emotional scenes, with one showing her in tears while someone extends a handkerchief, adding to the speculation surrounding the existence of an alternative ending.