The Polar Express is a 2004 beautifully animated movie who stars Tom Hanks as the train conductor (and six other distinct characters!). The story basically follows Billy who gets the opportunity to go and visit Santa’s workshop. It’s about bringing the magic back to Christmas and to believe again.

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Short synopsis:

This is the story of a young brave kid who, on Christmas Eve, boards a magnificent magical train bound for the North Pole and the house of Santa Claus. What follows is an adventure that follows a skeptic child on an astonishing train excursion to the North Pole, where he begins on a journey of self-discovery that demonstrates to him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

Fun facts:

(1) Tom Hanks voiced the boy, the father, the conductor, the hobo, Santa, and the narrator.

(2) The film used 3D motion capture techniques to digitally record the physical performances of the actors before “skinning” them with their animated forms. All the children’s roles were acted by adults using oversized props to get the movement right.

Listen to the beautiful title song by Josh Groban, Believe