Our score: 7/10

Spoiler warning

The episode begins with a kitten in a living room. The kitten wishes to go outside, and the older cat persuades it to do so through an opening in the house. The kitten goes out with the older cat, and we see a group of cats gathered to see “her.” The “she/her” the kitten is referring to is a purebred cat. She tells her story to all the cats who gather. She claimed to be a domestic cat who chose a male cat as her mate. She became pregnant, had kittens, and vowed to care for her children. Her owners described her as a purebred registered Bluepoint. The owner put her kittens in a bag and drowned them in the lake. She claimed that the babies called to her and that she felt them as they died. She prayed to be let out and entered the dreaming, where she prayed for justice, wisdom, and revelation.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

The cat must pass through a cave to obtain the revelation and must travel a long distance to reach the cave. “I’ve come to see the cat of dreams,” she says.  “Enter, proud cat, but be warned, dreams have a price,” the dream cat said. She tells the other cats that she saw everything in his eyes – the truth – their truth. Cats ruled the world and actually played with and started eating humans. One human stood up and told everybody to imagine a world in which they could rule, and if enough of them dreamed, that their dreams would shape the world.

Things will change if enough people dream. More than a thousand people dreamed that things would change, and their dreams changed the world. They altered the dream from the dawn of time.

As a result, cats must all dream of reigning again, and if enough of them dream, they will change the world once more.

The kitten tells her that she believes her. The cat claims there is still hope. We see the little kitten dreaming of eating humans at the end of the episode.