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Corinthian tells Rose and Jed that he is there to save their lives. Rose realises that Corinthian is one of the missing nightmares. Corinthian tells Rose that Dream is going to kill her and that Morpheus is watching her. Corinthian tells her he is watching her cause the minute she falls asleep she brings walls down. Corinthian says if someone protects her, she can become the centre of the dream and Morpheus will be powerless and he will be free. Corinthian is being called for his keynote speak and Rose says she will leave. Corinthian says he cannot protect her if she leaves. She can use the room.

During the keynote, we see what some of the serial killers are doing. Dream suddenly appears. Dream confronts Corinthian and tells him that he is disappointed in him. Corinthian stabs Dream and actually makes him bleed – so something is off.  It seems Rose is taking the place of the Dream. Everyone is now dreaming the same dream – she is asleep and dreaming all evil dreams – serial killers are busy killing. Dream tries to wake her up. A vortex can collapse the waking world and will kill everyone. She puts up all the walls again and wakes up.

Corinthian says he does what he does because he wants to feel human. Dream un-creates the Corinthian. All that stays behind is a small skull with the Corinthian’s eyes. He confronts the serial killers, remove their dreams, and make them feel the pain and grief of those whom they killed and those who mourn their victims. They start killing themselves, and give themselves up to the police.

Rose and Jed leaves in the car. Dream says when she is awake, she is not a threat, and when she sleeps, he will find her.

Jed finds out his mom passed away but that they have a great-grandmother. Aunt Lyta is in the hospital. The weird tenants are with her. The dream baby is coming. Rose and Jed came with. Granny Kinkaid asks Rose and Jed to go and live with her.

Rose is afraid that Dream will kill her in her sleep – she understands that if she doesn’t die, the world will be destroyed. She also understands that she can kill Dream, but she doesn’t want to. Rose finally falls asleep and there is Hal performing again.  Rose moves between dreams again and sees all the different tenants. Once again, the walls come down and everyone’s dreams merge. The dream begins falling apart and everyone gets sucked into a vortex, including Jed. Dream appears and says that everyone on the vortex is dead but he can still repair theirs. People are just sleeping now but they are in danger. Dream tells her that rose can still stay in the dream realm.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

Granny Kinkaid goes to the dream realm – going to the library. She wants to see the story of her life. Dream tells Rose that Gilbert is actually also a dream. Gilbert offers his life for her. Dream says that it is not possible. Gilbert says the theory is that the human is at the centre of the dreaming because it should be more vivid. Dream really cares for Gilbert. He is very sweet. Gilbert’s role is a where – he was a place. He tells Rose that after Rose’s death, she can still stay and visit him – he is the dream realm. He says it was a privilege to be human with you. The dream realm becomes beautiful again. Dream says he doesn’t want to take Rose’s life, but each has responsibilities. He is also very sorry. the librarian and the granny stops dream before he can take Rose.

Granny Kinkaid says she was supposed to be the vortex. Granny takes the vortex from rose and becomes the vortex. Granny dies so Rose may live. but she lives in the dream realm now. Desire turns out to be Rose’s granny’s husband. The man with the golden eyes. He tells Rose – you and your brother are children of the endless. You have suffered enough and wake up.

The new baby is born.

Dream calls Desire. He confronts Desire – it was such a plan for Dream to spill family blood. He warns Desire not to interfere again.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

It shows Gault – where Dream turned her into a dream, not a nightmare. And also creating new nightmares. A new age. Dream also asks the librarian to take over from him while he works.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

The show ends with Lucifer looking angry. Azazel came to visit. He says they want to attack the Dream and then after that the waking world. He says he wants to expand the borders as they cannot leave hell. The end is where Lucifer devises a plan that will make everyone mad and bring Dream to his knees.