Our score: 8/10

Trigger warning: This episode contains graphic violence and discusses a number of sensitive topics.

Rose sees that her aunt Lyla is pregnant. Her aunt tells Rose about her and her husband. Rose says that she thinks it is her – as the dream vortex things can become true. She tells Rose that she wants to go and stay in the dream with her husband. Because Rose was there as they were having sex, Lyta actually became pregnant.

Jed and the Corinthian have ice-cream and chat. He tells Jed that they have to go to the convention for cereal (serial killers!) The Corinthian  phones Rose and ask to meet up. He found Jed.

There is a cereal convention (love the pun!) at the Royal Empire Hotel . The Corinthians keeps on ignoring people when they ask for his name. He is now the keynote speaker at the “Cereal convention “with LOTS of attendees. There are loads of serial killers at the convention. e.g., The Night Stalker, Bogeyman, Fun Land, Nimrod, The Good Doctor, The Shredder, The Babysitter (name tags).

The pedophile (Fun Land), who hunts at carnivals, takes Jed, but luckily doesn’t do anything.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

The Corinthian takes Jed back and warns the others to leave Jed alone. The Corinthian tells Jed not to open the door and not attend the convention. Jed ignores him and goes out. The convention is completely full. There is very dark humour – obviously this is what you get when you put a lot of evil people together. They have rules to adhere to: Use the fake name on the name tag – no civilian names, and they cannot do any collecting at the convention – when they are at least 200 miles away they can start again. The family man could not be the guest speaker at the convention, so the Corinthian is the guest speaker. The serial killers all cheer him – he is obviously infamous. Jed listens to what they are talking about.

The episode moves on and shows the aunt again with her husband and all of a sudden, an earthquake happens. They are in the dream house. Pumpkin man (Marvin) reports the earthquake and it happens in the realm as well. Dream is upset and says that he will find the cause of the disturbance and eliminate it.

The old gentleman – Fiddlers Green – come by to visit Rose. He asks if he can come with when she collects Jed. He talks so much that Rose falls asleep and goes into the dream realm again – this time the place her aunt now lives. Her aunt tells her that it has been months where Rose replies it has only been two hours.Dreams looks at the scene and says he will take care of it. Dream waits with Hector (dead husband) and meets the Lyta and Rose. Dream says that a ghost can’t escape his fate by living in a dream, a human cannot escape her sadness and live in a dream. They should say their goodbyes now. Hector disappears. Dream tells Lyta that she can still keep her baby but that it is Dream’s baby and he will come for the baby one day. He tells her the dream is over. Rose gets mad and confronts Dream. Rose warns Dream to leave her and her universe alone and ends the dream.

Rose and Fiddler’s Green arrive at the hotel where the serial killer convention is taking place.

The Corinthian has an obvious preference for men and meets up with the fake Bogeyman. Jed listens to their conversation. Corinthian says that he knows that he is not the real Bogeyman because the real one died two years ago. He also mentioned a blog that this man has started. The two convention organizers ask him to kill the guy and he tells him to say that they can do it together.

Rose steals name badges (Dutch Uncle) and (The Babysitter) and sneaks into the convention. We see many break-away rooms (religion, feminist serial killers, etc.) where the various serial killers discuss different murder topics.

Corinthian invites the fake Bogeyman to a quiet room. He kisses the man (possible trigger) but then starts to kill him and he eventually gets murdered by all three participants. Jed walks in on them killing the guy. He bumps into the pedophile again who takes him to his room.

Rose gets a room key. Gilbert says he has to go home. Fiddlers Green goes back to dream to warn them about the Corinthian. Fiddlers Green is described as the heart of the dream. He warns Dream that the Corinthian has found Rose. Fiddlers Green realises that Dream will have to kill Rose in order to stop her.

Luckily Rose finds her brother before Fun House can take him into the room. The Corinthian kills Fun House and tells them that they are safe with him.