Our score: 8/10

Synopsis: Do not read if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

Possible triggers have been highlighted.

Rose dreams herself into an audience with Morpheus. He asks: “How did you find me?” She says it is because he talked about her brother and said that her brother is probably with one of his nightmares – a female nightmare. He tells her that if she could find him in the dreaming, so she could also find her brother in the dreaming – and with Gault. He also told her that he would help her find her brother in her dreams and that she should keep on finding him in the real world. Rose asks Dream –  it is only a nightmare, right? It can’t hurt him.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

Granny Kinkaid is visited by the Corinthian (pretending to be a journalist) and interviews her about the Sleepy Sickness. She unwittingly tells him where to find Rose. Rose prints lots of flyers to find her brother and the bunch of misfits all commit to helping her. Dream wonders why Gault is targeting Jed and not Rose. Dream speaks about vortexes just happening and not being caused as they are with Rose. He is confused about what is happening. Rose speaks to her landlord and says that she even didn’t know her dad had friends so she is confused about how he all of a sudden got fosters from his dad’s friends.

It seems that the Corinthian found Rose. Matthew looks after her and the Corinthian is afraid of Matthew as he can tell Dream that the Corinthian is running close and after Rose.

Rose’s aunt’s (Lyta Hall) dead husband stays with Lyta, telling her that he is not a dream (he says he is a ghost) because he does not go away when she wakes up. He goes to work – building their house. He shows her their dream house and a room for a dream baby. He tells her to stay with him in the house and then she wakes up. The dead husband still tries to convince her to stay and have a baby. Her belly swells and she is all of a sudden pregnant.

Lyta convinces the foster people to check up on Jed.

Jed dreams about Gault as someone who helps him find bad guys – like a real superhero. Jed imagine himself as “The sandman”- a kid superhero – it’s time to put the Pied piper to bed. He dreams the Pied Piper stole all the kids and he could hear that Jed has a nightmare that the Pied Piper’s rats attack and eat him and wake up with a rat hanging on his hand, whilst biting him. Aunt Louise and Uncle Barnaby are obviously not great fosters. Uncle Barnaby is abusive and Aunt Louise seems to want to help him but she is afraid (typical of someone who suffers from an abusive husband).

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

The main reason why Uncle Barnaby wants to keep Jed is because of $800 per month he is getting to look after Jed. He threatens Jed because of the foster people.

They lie about their care of Jed. Jed wrote notes and leaves a note in the bag for the foster visitor. Corinthian shows up and asks the foster worker where is Jed. Uncle Barnaby found the note and all hell breaks loose on poor Jed. The Corinthian kills the social worker and eats her eyes.

Rose wakes up in a dream. Another fabulous performance by Michael where he has a nightmare of himself on stage.

Again, a short sex scene – Lyta and her dead husband (possible trigger).

One of the two strange women in black has a discussion about how she has a relationship with a sentence. Dream shows up. They all see Rose in their dreams. Barbie and Ken is also having a nightmare – Ken is naked outside the car with Barbie sitting in the car. Again, Rose is part of their dreams. Dream warns her not to lose herself in the dreams – find your own path. She walks through the gate and enters a fantasy world. Dream tells her he can create or destroy worlds. It shows various people in dreams.

The Sandman. (L to R) Lily Travers as Barbie, Nalan Burgess as Nurse Sindy, Richard Fleeshman as Ken in episode 110 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Dream asks her where is home for Jed – so that they can try and find him. She found her brother’s dream and then Gault tells Jed that Dream is the king of nightmares. Gault tells Jed that this is her battle and Jed says no he will fight Dream. Dream is very amused by Jed telling him he is The Sandman. Gault shows up. Gault took the form of their mom. Dream reveals Gault’s true form. It seems that Gault cared for Jed. Sandman takes her away and Jed wakes up.

Uncle Barnaby wants to hurt him again and the Corinthian shows up. The Corinthian tells Jed that Rose sent him and Jed believes him. He killed both Uncle Barnaby and Aunt Louise, and Jed asks how Corinthian knows his sister, and he answers I don’t but I am really looking forward to meeting her and handing him a flyer.

Gault tells Dream that she wanted to be a dream and not a nightmare. She wanted to inspire and not to frighten. Gault challenges Dream and tells him that they can change and Dreams says no – it is not possible. Gault chooses to rather spend 1000s of years in prison in the darkness than to make others fear again. She says just before she disappears even nightmares can dream.

Based on what Jed told her, Rose finds the address of her brother. Shockingly the Aunt Lyta is really pregnant.