Our score: 8/10

Synopsis: Do not read if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

Possible triggers have been highlighted.


About 100 years later, we see that Ethel Cribbs still lives and looks relatively young. She is currently an art/artifacts dealer.

Dream feels bitter – none of his siblings (Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium) came to his aid during his imprisonment. In order to find his artifacts, he realizes he must summon the fates – Past, Present, and Future.

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

Dream realizes in the Dream Realm that in order to gain some of his power, he must absorb something he created. He realizes he must absorb the Gargoyle (who was previously a nightmare) in order to reclaim his former power. Dream is clearly upset about having to reclaim the life he has given. “You served this kingdom with great honour,” he says before absorbing Gregory. “You will be sorely missed.”

The Sandman. 2022. Netflix

Dream gathers dreams and nightmares as an offering to the fates. He discovers that Constantine has his sand and that his helmet was sold to a demon.

Back to Ethel Cribbs, the Corinthian appears and requests Dream’s tools. She informs him that she lacks the necessary tools. She tells the Corinthian that the gem was passed down from mother to son (and that it grants wishes and nightmares), but that the ruby stole her son (although we see John in an asylum – visited by his mother). Before the Corinthian can harm Ethel, we see that she is protected by a talisman.

At the end of the episode, Dream presents the original Gargoyle’s keepers, two brothers, with a new baby gargoyle as a gift (in an egg). The first murderer and first victim are two brothers. Cain and Abel cannot die because they are brothers (possible trigger – Bible reference).