Who doesn’t love a good reality series? Herewith the NerdiPop top 7 cancelled Reality Shows for Fans to get their Geek on!

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#1. Cut throat kitchen


Cutthroat Kitchen” was a popular cooking competition show that aired on Food Network from 2013 to 2017. The show was hosted by Alton Brown and featured four chefs who competed against each other in a series of culinary challenges. The contestants were given a budget at the beginning of the show, and they had to use that money to bid on items that would either help them or sabotage their opponents during the challenges.

The show ran for 15 seasons and 187 episodes before it was officially cancelled in 2017. The decision to end the show was made by Food Network, and the network cited a desire to focus on new programming as the reason for the cancellation. Despite its cancellation, “Cutthroat Kitchen” remains a popular show among fans of cooking competitions, and it has inspired several spin-off shows and specials over the years.

#2. King of the Nerds


King of the Nerds was cancelled after its third season in 2015. The show aired on TBS from 2013 to 2015 and was hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. King of the Nerds was a competition reality show that featured contestants competing in challenges that tested their knowledge and skills in areas such as science, technology, and fantasy. The cancellation of the show was announced by TBS in March 2015, and despite efforts by fans to revive the show, no further seasons were produced.

#3. Face off


“Face Off” was officially cancelled on March 16, 2018, after 13 seasons on the air. The show premiered on Syfy in 2011 and quickly became a popular reality competition series for its unique concept of pitting special effects makeup artists against each other to create elaborate and often fantastical looks. The show received critical acclaim and a devoted fan base during its run, making its cancellation a surprise to many.

#4. The Hero

thehero“The Hero” is a reality television series that aired on TNT from June 6 to August 1, 2013. The show featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as host and executive producer, and focused on a group of contestants facing physical and mental challenges to win a grand prize of $1 million. The show was not renewed for a second season, so it technically was not cancelled, but rather it ended after its first season.

#5. The Quest

the quest

The Quest is a fantasy-based reality competition series airing on the US network ABC that premiered on Thursday, July 31, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. EST. Filmed on a castle estate outside Vienna, Austria, contestants face a variety of fantasy-themed challenges in the fictional kingdom of “Everealm. Fantasy meets reality as 12 contestants engage in epic challenges in the world of “Everealm”. “Quest”, a reality adventure show that aired on the American network ABC, was cancelled after just one season. Despite receiving positive reviews from critics, the show struggled to attract a large audience, and ABC announced its cancellation on November 13, 2014.

#6. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

jimhensonA group of Creature Designers compete against each other to create puppets and animatronics such as those found in science fiction, comedy and kids’ and family shows. Actress Gigi Edgley from Jim Henson’s Farscape serves as the show’s host. The winner gets prize money and a contract to work with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop for a combined total of $100,000. The judges for this show consist of: Brian Henson – The son of Jim Henson who is the chairman of The Jim Henson Company, a writer, a film director, and a puppeteer who had previously worked with The Muppets (where he had performed Muppet characters like Dr. Phil van Neuter, Sal Minella, and Seymour the Elephant), was the lead puppeteer for Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors, and performed Hoggle in Labyrinth. Beth Hathaway – A fabrication specialist who worked on Jurassic Park, Edward Scissorhands, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Inglorious Basterds, The Walking Dead, Django Unchained, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Kirk Thatcher – A production designer who created creatures for Return of the Jedi, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Gremlins. He has also done some designing of the characters from The Jim Henson Hour, CityKids, Dinosaurs, and Aliens in the Family. Unfortunately, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge was cancelled after just one season. The show premiered on Syfy in March 2014, and its final episode aired on May 13, 2014. Despite receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences, the show struggled in the ratings, and Syfy ultimately decided not to renew it for a second season.

#7. I survived a Japanese Game Show

japaneseI Survived a Japanese Game Show (originally titled Big in Japan) is an American reality show that saw its first season premiere on ABC June 24, 2008. The show followed a group of Americans, who leave the United States for Japan where they competed in a Japanese style game show. The winner takes home US $250,000. The series won both the Best Reality prize and the overall prize at the 2009 Rose d’Or ceremony. Season 2, which was supposed to have premiered on July 8, was moved up to June 17 at and debuted that night at 9PM EDT/PDT. The rating is TV-PG (L) for all episodes. Due to the second season having only half the ratings of the first season, ABC cancelled the show in 2010.