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On today’s menu, Hannibal season 3:

We open right away with Will recuperating after the events of the last season’s finale. There are glimpses of what happened to him after Hannibal attacked him, Jack and Dr. Alana Bloom. We know one of these characters will not be returning for the third season. Hopefully Jack will return, as I did like his character quite a bit.

Hannibal Season 3 Hannibal Season 3

In the one shot we see a body wrapped in a body bag – who this is, is currently unknown. What we do know is that it’s not Will as he survives.

Hannibal Season 3

We then cut to a scene of a lady who is probably Hannibal’s aunt, Lady Murasaki or someone who is a relation of her.

Hannibal Season 3

Will is also seen walking in what appears to be a grave yard. Whether this is a grave yard in the United States or Europe remains to be seen, but there is a bloody hand print on one of the grave stones. Whether this is a new killer or something else is unclear.

Hannibal Season 3 Hannibal - Season 03 - (7)

Hannibal is seen walking into a party, very quick cuts and fade to black makes it difficult to discern much from the building where the party is being held.

Hannibal - Season 03 - (8)

It then cuts to torture dives which looks quite old.  Whether Hannibal uses these on someone, or if it’s part of another killer we will have to wait until the show starts.

There is a lecture being given in a beautiful hall somewhere with art pieces in exhibit. When I viewed this trailer originally I thought that I saw the red dragon painting, but I was wrong.Hannibal - Season 03 - (9)

Dr. Bedelia du Maurier is seen running down from the staircase –  maybe fleeing from Hannibal?

Hannibal - Season 03 - (11)

Hannibal is seen shaking hands with members of the audience from the lecture. Did he arrange the lecture and what could it be about – perhaps torture instruments?

Hannibal - Season 03 - (13)

Will is also seen being led somewhere by gun point. Perhaps he is on the trail of Hannibal at that point?

Hannibal - Season 03 - (14)

Hannibal is also seen looking over his fine collection of cook books. Actually they look like old medical text books, but this being Hannibal, the chances of it being used as a cook book is very likely.

Hannibal - Season 03 - (16)

Hannibal’s Cook Book

Hannibal - Season 03 - (17)

He is also seen writing in the room where the lecture was given with whatever is on display in the display cases.

Hannibal - Season 03 - (18)

Will enters the catacombs, looking for Hannibal (who is also down there). Will might have forgiven Hannibal, but do we forgive Hannibal for what he did?

Hannibal - Season 03 - (19)

Unfortunately we have to wait for Summer (northern hemisphere) / Winter (southern hemisphere) 2015 until we will know what Hannibal has up his sleeves and who he has in his kitchen.

Hannibal - Season 03 - (21)

What are your theories regarding season 3 of Hannibal? We’d love to hear them, preferably with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti. Till then, Bon Appetit!