Welcome to the NerdiPop Trailer Analytics of Penny Dreadful Season 2:

Warning: The following may contain spoilers from the previous season!

We open with Ethan Chandler doing something, which appears to be a native American ritual. He might be trying to control the beast that is inside him. There are stories in Native American culture of skin walkers – people who change into beasts. Perhaps he is trying to control the change in himself?

There is a quick scene as well as multiple scenes in the trailer of Brona Croft in Frankenstein’s laboratory. We know that the Creature has blackmailed him into making an immortal bride for him. How this will play out is unknown, but if it’s anything like the first time the Creature met his Bride (The Bride of Frankenstein -1935), this might not work out.

The scene of Ethan Chandler viewing the blood and the carnage that he brought in his grief might be the reason he is currently investigating whether the rituals of the native Americans can work for him.

The most interesting part in the trailer for me is when the blind girl is touching the face of the Creature (Caliban). You might ask how do I come to conclusion that she is blind? Well for one her eyes aren’t looking into Caliban’s eyes – they are mostly looking past him. He actively winces at her touch; most likely she doesn’t know what he is and only knows him from speaking with him.

Penny Dreadful - Season 02 Penny Dreadful - Season 02

There is one part I almost thought that it might be Caliban, but I doubt that Victor Frankenstein would have let his Creation have such a scar – so who ever has this scar is unknown.

Dorian Gray still longs for Vanessa. He longingly touches and looks at her portrait – he keeps this in his wallet.

Penny Dreadful - Season 02 Penny Dreadful - Season 02

Now for the interesting bit, Vanessa is seen dancing with Caliban whilst Frankenstein is looking out left. Is Frankenstein letting Vanessa into his world? What does this entail for the rest of the season?

What is the meaning behind the scorpion drawn in blood? Is it the symbol of a cult or something more sinister?

The Man in the leather mask:

I am splitting the theories for the man in the leather mask into two. As for who he is – I suspect he is either a survivor of a werewolf attack or possibly the Phantom of the Opera.

Theory 1: Werewolf Attack: This theory makes the most sense. He could be a man who survived a werewolf attack and is currently looking for Ethan Chandler. Another option is that he can be one of the men who were sent to find him.

Theory 2: The Phantom of the Opera: This is probably a theory that is more unconventional, but with the TV series featuring Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, why not have another famous icon from horror? His face is completely ruined. From looking at the mask it appears the right hand side of his face has been mauled or been attacked with not much left.

Madame Kali is said to be the main antagonist for the second season. Her having a bath Elizabeth Báthory style (who was said bathed in the blood of virgins), it would not be a surprise from this trailer. As for what her role will be in the second season I have no idea, but considering she was a mystic in the first season, it would not surprise me if she made a deal with the devil.

And there you have it. What are your theories from the trailer? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Penny Dreadful Season 2 Premiers on Sunday 26 April 2015