Chinese cinema has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past decade, with the emergence of a new genre that combines comedy, fantasy and monster hunting. These “Monster Hunt” movies have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with their unique blend of humour, action and stunning CGI. We’ll take a closer look at the original “Monster Hunt” film and its sequel.

The monster hunt movie and it’s sequel is an absolute delight, combining thrilling action with a healthy dose of cuteness. The film featured a lovable cast of fantastical creatures that captures the hearts of audiences with their endearing personalities and charming antics. It was a visual treat, with impressive special effects that brings these adorable monsters to life. The perfect blend of adventure and heartwarming moments made it a must-see for both children and adults, leaving a lasting impression and proving that even monsters can be cute.

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Monster Hunt (2015)

Directed by Raman Hui, the original “Monster Hunt” (Zhuōyāo Jiānshì) was a game-changer for Chinese cinema. The film is set in a fantastical world where humans and monsters coexist.

When an ordinary human male, Song Tianyin becomes pregnant with the monster king’s baby, chaos ensues as everyone wants to capture the unborn heir. Together with the bumbling monster hunter, Huo Xiaolan, they embark on a thrilling adventure to protect the child.

This unique storyline, coupled with its striking visual effects, showcased the blending of traditional Chinese folklore with contemporary filmmaking techniques. “Monster Hunt” is a delightful movie released in 2015, captivating audiences with its charming monsters, heartwarming moments and a story that demonstrated the power of unity and acceptance in a world filled with differences.

Interesting Facts:

“Monster Hunt” was a major box office success in China and became the highest-grossing Chinese film at the time.
The movie’s unique blend of live-action and CGI was groundbreaking, and it featured endearing monster characters that quickly became iconic.
The film’s success also helped promote traditional Chinese values and family bonds.

Monster Hunt 2 (2018)

In the highly-anticipated sequel, “Monster Hunt 2,” Song Tianyin and Huo Xiaolan return for another adventure.

They encounter a new monster tribe and the baby monster king is once again at the center of the action. As they navigate treacherous landscapes and face off against both human and monster adversaries, the duo must protect the child at all costs.

“Monster Hunt 2” builds upon the success of its predecessor, offering even more heartwarming moments and visually stunning scenes. The film’s ability to seamlessly blend humour, action and the enduring theme of unity and friendship continued to make it a cherished part of the monster hunt franchise and it further solidified the series as a beloved gem in Chinese cinema.


The “Monster Hunt” film series has not only redefined the Chinese film industry but also captivated audiences around the world. With its unique blend of humor, fantasy, and action, these movies have left an indelible mark. Whether you’re a fan of CGI spectacles, heartfelt storytelling or imaginative worlds, the “Monster Hunt” series has something to offer for everyone.