Ready for the new year? Here is NerdiPop’s 2024 New Year’s Geek-a-lutions!

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(1) Fandom fashion foray: Create a rotating wardrobe inspired by different fandoms each month – from iconic superhero logos to memorable quotes from your favourite TV shows.

(2) Fantasy food fiesta: Experiment with cooking recipes from different fandoms – from Butterbeer in Harry Potter to Klingon delicacies from Star Trek.

(3) Crafting carnival: Engage in crafting projects inspired by different fandoms – create DIY lightsabers, potion bottles, or even superhero masks.

(4) Language luminary: Learn greetings or phrases in different fictional languages – from Elvish to Klingon, becoming a polyglot in the languages of your favourite fandoms.

(5) Conquest of collectibles: Build a diverse collection of fandom merchandise – from pop culture icons to obscure references, creating a showcase of your eclectic tastes.

(6) Gaming odyssey oath: Create a list of must-play games for 2024, complete with tick boxes. Set 3-month achievements, ensuring you accomplish specific milestones in your gaming adventures.

(7) Cinematic sensation spectacle: Compile a list of must-watch movies for 2024 and plan to see them as they release – create a checklist with tick boxes for each blockbuster.

(8) Zombie apocalypse preparedness: We survived Covid-19! Now make sure to be ready for a zombie apocolypse. Develop a survival plan for the zombie apocalypse – from emergency kits to escape routes. Complete basic survival training.

(9) Mutant gene mystery: Dive into the world of genetics – explore your ancestry and find out if you have a mutant gene by obtaining a genetic testing kit.

(10) Vibrant Hair Venture: Embrace your wild side by coloring your hair in a way-out shade you’ve always wanted. Go red like Ariel or blue like Coraline.

(11) Bibliophile bliss blueprint: Boost your reading habits – aim to read at least one book per month.

(12) Figurine fund fundamentals: Start saving for the figurines or collections you’ve always desired.

(13) Theater and live performance trail: Immerse yourself in the world of theater and live performances – plan to attend at least one live show every quarter, ticking off your checklist as you go.

(14) Tech-free time travel: Dedicate specific tech-free hours each week to engage in analog hobbies – from drawing to writing or even playing board games.